Where To Do Archery Test Fallout 76? (Solution found)

Completing the archery exam at the Pioneer Scout camp is a requirement.
What is the procedure for passing the archery exam in Fallout 76?

  • Tadpole Archery Test is a mission in the Fallout 76 update Wild Appalachia that requires you to use your archery skills. To acquire the Archer badge, you must successfully complete the archery test at the Pioneer Scout camp. Begin the quest by interacting with the audio box at the Pioneer Scout camp archery range (located up a hill on the southwest side of the camp, near the entrance).

How do you complete tadpole badges?


  1. At an exam terminal, you must pass the “Archer” knowledge exam. Completing the Pioneer Scouts shooting exam is a requirement. Bolts for crafting crossbows (50)
  2. repair crossbows (3)
  3. Kill your opponents with a crossbow (50 points).

How do you become a pioneer scout?

Scout Leader Jaggy may be found at Camp Lewis, a Pioneer Scout camp located in the Toxic Valley on the shores of Grafton Lake. Camp Lewis is part of the Pioneer Scout camp system. He is placed near the building that houses the knowledge exam terminals, and he is permitted to recruit new members by putting them on the route to become Tadpole Scouts, which is the next step in the Scouting process. To begin the mission, you must speak with him.

What is a Harrier fallout 76?

Question 19: You could be referred to as a “harrier” if you are a cross-country runner. What exactly is a harrier? The answer is a dog.

How do you get Scout badges in Fallout 76?

It is necessary to first identify a list of assignments (known as Scout World Challenges) that are available across the world in order to earn badges for your accomplishments. To view the list of badges available for earning, open the Map and click Challenges, then World. Then scroll down past the typical Atom-earning chores to locate the list of badges available.

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Where are the crossbow plans in Fallout 76?


  1. This is the game plan: A crossbow may be found on a table just outside of a southern cabin at Pioneer Scout camp, which also has a crossbow range. A crossbow and numerous bolts, as well as a pipe pistol, may be discovered on the southern boundaries of the Palace of the Winding Path, on a table near the archery targets.

How do you get a tadpole backpack?

To be able to access the backpack, you must first finish the Order of the Tadpole questline. You will be tasked with a number of various objectives in this series of extended missions, including recovering a fallen buddy, destroying bugs, completing exam questions, and earning badges.

Where do you take the tadpole exams?

Location of the Tadpole Examination Looking south from Scout Leader Jaggy’s cabin at the Pioneer Scout Camp, you’ll notice a short, relatively-intact structure with a green door and the words “Pioneer Scouts Knowledge Exams” written on the wall near the entrance. To the right of the door as you enter will be a computer terminal, which you may use to register for any of the tests.

Which Tadpole badges are easiest?

Athlete, tadpole, tadpole The Pioneer Scouts Athlete task is perhaps the simplest to complete out of all of them. It consists solely of athletic courses and an examination.

How do you do the tadpole quest?

While completing the Order of the Tadpole task, the player must display the four essential values of a true Pioneer Scout: Kindness, Helpfulness, Bravery, and Growth. The player must also earn three Pioneer Badges along the way.

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How do I start the tadpole quest in Fallout 76?

When entering any railway station, look for the Pioneer Scouts recruiting poster that is posted on the wall to learn more about The Order of the Tadpole. Once inside, go on with the mission. After starting the quest, head to the Scouts camp site marked on your map and speak with Scout Leader Jaggy (a Mr.) about it.

How do I get the backpack in Fallout 76?

If you want to obtain a Standard Backpack in Fallout 76, you must first advance to the rank of Possum among the Pioneer Scouts. Also available at the Morgantown Airport Terminal is the Small Backpack, which may be obtained by locating its crafting plan. If storage space is your primary issue, the Standard Backpack will be the best choice for you.

How do I build a frog habitat in Fallout 76?

The process of creating a frog habitat in a workshop or C.A.M.P. was previously bugged, but it is now fully operational. Using the Science Projects option on the Chemistry bench (once you’ve reached the rank of Scout, at the very least), you may create a Frog Jar (which will take one bloodleaf, four glass, and one wood).

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