Where Are Diamond Archery Bows Made? (Perfect answer)

Bowtech bows are manufactured in the United States by dedicated personnel that take great delight in every step of the manufacturing process… All of this is done in order to provide the most cutting-edge archery goods possible, while maintaining the high standards of quality and service that you would expect.

Who makes diamond bows?

One such firm is BowTech Inc., which manufactures a line of compound bows known as Diamond Archery under the Diamond Archery brand name.

Is Diamond Archery a good brand?

For example, BowTech Inc. is a firm that manufactures a line of compound bows under the brand name Diamond Archery.

What compound bows are made in USA?


  • Bows that are made in the United States. Archery in Athens. The official website for Athens Archery is www.athenarchery.com. Athens Archery is a small batch compound bow manufacturer based in the United States. Arrows that are made in the United States. www.nitrostinger.com is the official website of Arrow Dynamics (also known as Nitro Stinger). Broadheads that are made in the United States. Official Website: www.abowyer.com
  • Contact Information: Abowyer

Did BowTech buy diamond?

Diamond Archery was bought by BowTech Archery in 2004, and the two companies have since worked together. Diamond Archery has long been regarded as a manufacturer of high-quality archery equipment, including compound bows, accessories, and other hunting accoutrements.

Where are Hoyt bows made?

During the year 2004, BowTech Archery purchased Diamond Archery. In addition to compound bows, accoutrements, and other hunting gear, Diamond Archery has long been recognized for creating high-quality archery equipment.

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Are Mathews bows made in the USA?

Craftsmanship of the highest caliber Made in the United States of America. From conception to completion, your bow is developed and constructed by the same team that creates our high-end Mathews bows, in the same quality-controlled environment of our plant in Sparta, Wisconsin.

Is Diamond better than bear?

These are things that many shooters don’t learn until they’ve outgrown their first bow and are ready to move on. In addition, the Diamond has a little greater let off and a slightly higher maximum draw than the bear. 5 percent of 70 lbs is just 3.5 lbs in difference in effective draw weight between maximum weight and full draw at maximum weight and full draw, respectively.

When did the diamond Infinite Edge come out?

The Core, Infinite Edge, and Atomic are three new bows that have been added to the Diamond Archery line-up for 2013. The beloved Outlaw will also be making a return for for another season.

Where are Fleetwood archery bows made?

The Core, Infinite Edge, and Atomic are three new bows that have been added to the Diamond Archery line-up this year. For the second year in a row, the popular Outlaw will be on hand as well.

Where are Mathews compound bows made?

In order to properly prepare for the inclusion of Mathews bows to Abbey Archery’s product line, we believed it was necessary to get factory training from the people who really contribute to the design and construction of the Mathews, McPherson, and Mission bow lines of bows.

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Where is Bear Archery bows made?

Bear bows are created in Gainesville, Florida, where the company is based.

Who owns BowTech bows?

Bowtech Archery is a brand that is a part of the Pure Archery Group, which provides the best solution in high-end archery equipment.

How much is a diamond bow?

In terms of pricing and performance, Diamond Archery’s new Core is a flexible, ready-to-shoot rig that strikes the sweet spot between both. With a slew of features, a slew of free accessories, and a $499 price tag, you can’t go wrong with this device.

What is the difference between the diamond infinite edge and the pro?

These products are based on the Infinite Edge, which is the initial iteration of this portfolio. The first generation Edge is basically unchanged from the second generation Edge, despite significant upgrades in the Pro. Because of this, it has a somewhat reduced axle-to-axle dimension and can only handle a 30″ draw length. Finally, the Edge has a 75 percent let-off, whilst the Pro has an 80 percent let-off.

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