When Does Pennsylvania Bear Open For Archery? (TOP 5 Tips)

Seasons for Black Bears in Pennsylvania

Archery Sept. 18-Nov. 26**
Special Firearms (Junior/Senior License, Youth, Disabled Hunters, Military) Oct. 21-23
Muzzleloader Oct. 16-23
General Season Nov. 20-Dec. 4**

When does bear season begin in Pennsylvania?

  • The southeastern, northeastern, southwestern, and northwestern portions of the state, as well as Central Pennsylvania, are the regions of the state that will have some extra possibilities for bear hunters to kill bears in the next years. The extended bear season will be open from Wednesday, Nov. 30, through Saturday, Dec. 1

Is archery bear season open in PA?

BROWN BEAR, ARCHERY (WMUs 2B, 5C, and 5D): September 18-November 13; Sunday, November 14; November 15-20; Sunday, November 21; and November 22-26; and Sunday, November 28. During the course of the licensing year, only one bear may be taken.

What day does archery season start in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania’s statewide archery season will begin on October 2nd in 2021. The Pennsylvania Game Commission sold a record number of archery licenses in 2020, with 373,700 being sold.

When can you hunt bear in Pennsylvania?

The regular statewide bear season will run from Nov. 20-23, with the first day of hunting being Sunday, Nov. 21. During the months of November and December, bear hunting is permitted in WMUs 1, 2, 3, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, and 32, and in WMUs 1 and 2C.

How long is archery bear season in PA?

There is a three-week archery bear season that runs throughout the state; a one-week muzzleloader bear season that includes three days of rifle hunting for certain classifications of hunters, such as juniors and seniors; and a four-day firearms bear season that runs throughout the state and includes a Sunday.

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Are bears hibernating right now in Pennsylvania?

Bears normally den (hibernate) in the fall (late October to early December) and emerge in the spring (late April to early May) (March-April). If they continue to have access to sufficient food, some bears may choose not to den at all. Bears may scavenge for food in garbage cans and bird feeders, as well as pet and livestock food that has been left outside, in and around homes.

What is the last day of archery season in Pennsylvania?

The statewide archery season in 2021-22 begins on Oct. 2 and runs through Nov. 13. It continues on Sunday, Nov. 14, and then ends on Nov. 30.

Can I hunt on my own land without a license in PA?

Any person who is eligible to hunt or take furbearers on these lands without first obtaining the necessary license may also hunt or take game or wildlife on any lands other than those owned by the government that are immediately adjacent to and connected to the lands by obtaining the written consent of the owner or lessee of the lands. This consent must be obtained from the owner or lessee of the lands.

Is there any doe tags left in PA?

You can also check for availability by going online to https://huntfish.pa.gov or by clicking on the Antlerless Deer Licenses link on the homepage of the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s website (www.pgc.pa.gov). Access the remaining numbers by clicking on the Antlerless Application Availability link on the right-hand side of the website from there.

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Do you have to wear orange during archery season in PA?

According to the revised laws, wearing neon orange while archery hunting for deer, bear, or elk is no longer required at any point during the season. The result is that there are no longer any overlap times where archery hunters were obliged to wear variable quantities of neon orange while moving or to post orange material while in a stationary position.

Is bear meat good?

Bear meat has the potential to make you quite sick. Bears, because they are omnivores, are frequently found carrying the larvae of a dangerous parasite known as Trichina spiralis. The consumption of undercooked bear meat can result in the transmission of trichinosis, which can cause serious illness or even death in humans. As a result, bear is most commonly prepared in stews, chilis, braises, and sausages that have been properly cooked.

Where do you shoot a bear with a bow?

When hunting large game animals, an arrow that penetrates through both lungs is the most effective shot. When hunting black bears, though, it is much more critical to take out both of their lungs. Bears are hardy and can sprint for large distances on a single breath. Wounded bears are also notorious for leaving weak blood trails, especially if the arrow didn’t travel through them all the way through.

Can you hunt bear with a rifle in PA?

If you are hunting bear during the normal and extended firearms bear seasons with one of the following gadgets, you are not breaking the law: I A centerfire rifle or pistol that fires single-projectile ammunition and is controlled by the user manually. An automatic or semiautomatic centerfire shotgun that fires single-projectile ammunition that may be operated manually or semiautomatically.

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Can you still buy a bear license in PA?

Current regulations allow hunters to obtain bear licenses at the time they purchase a hunting license or at any time up to the end of the defined bear season, whichever comes first. However, because of the extended purchase time, some people have taken advantage of the chance to circumvent the bear licensing requirement.

How many bear hunters are in PA?

On the first and second days of each of these seasons, more hunters will hit the woods than on any other day of the year, according to statistics. In 2020, a record 220,471 hunters — 211,627 of them were from Pennsylvania – purchased bear hunting licenses, setting a new record. This was an increase from the prior records of 202,043 in 2019 and 174,869 in 2018. The previous records were set in 2019 and 2018.

How many black bears are in PA?

The number of black bears in Pennsylvania has risen significantly throughout the years, from around 4,000 in the 1970s to over 18,000 now. Because of this enormous increase in population, people now have more opportunity to observe bears, which is an experience that many people cherish, and bear hunting has improved significantly.

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