When Does Archery Hunting Season Start In Arkansas? (Correct answer)

Arkansas Deer Seasons and Opening Dates are shown here.

Archery Sept. 25-Feb. 28
Muzzleloader Oct. 16-24 and Dec. 11-20**
Modern Gun Nov. 13-Dec. 5 and Dec. 26-28**
Youth Modern Gun Nov. 6-7 and Jan. 1-2
Private Land Antlerless Only Dec. 29-31

The Arkansas Deer Hunting Seasons and Opening Days are shown below.

  • According to where you hunt, the modern gun season (deer) in Arkansas finishes on either December 5, 12, 19, or 24th depending on where you hunt.

What day does hunting season start in Arkansas?

Season Opening Dates (2021): Having stated that, the following are the statewide opening dates for most hunters: The archery season officially begins on September 25. The muzzleloader season begins on October 16 and runs until December 31. The modern firearms season officially begins on November 13. Consult the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s website for information on particular dates and bag restrictions for each fishing zone.

What can you hunt right now in Arkansas?

Arkansas Hunting Seasons in 2020 and 2021

  • The following animals are available for hunting: Deer, Bear, Elk, and Quail – Statewide: November 1 to February
  • Rabbit – Statewide: September 1 to February
  • Squirrel – Statewide: May 15 to February
  • Crow – Statewide: September 1 to February 21 (Thursday-Monday hunting only)
  • Furbearers.

Can I hunt deer on my own land without a license in Arkansas?

Hunters can normally take game animals they have hunted on their own private property without restriction, or they can request permission from a landowner to hunt on their own private land. Hunters who intend to take game on privately held land must adhere to all applicable state hunting restrictions as well as any additional rules and regulations set out by the landowner or manager.

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Can you bow hunt during rifle season in Arkansas?

During modern gun seasons, modern firearms, muzzleloaders, and archery equipment are permitted to be used. Only muzzleloaders and archery equipment are permitted to be carried by hunters during muzzleloader deer and bear seasons in the United States. During the archery deer and bear seasons, hunters may only bring archery equipment with them. Air rifles are permitted for hunting small game.

Do you have to wear orange during bow season in Arkansas?

Hunter orange, hunter chartreuse, or blazing orange are required to be worn by all hunters in Arkansas, with the exception of those who are hunting migrating birds and those who are hunting deer, bear, and elk during firearms seasons in Arkansas. Modern firearms, as well as muzzleloaders, are included.

Can you hunt bear in Arkansas?

Legal hunting equipment for bear is the same as legal hunting equipment for deer, with the exception that shotguns must be 20-gauge or bigger and may only utilize rifled slugs as ammunition. It is against the law to kill a bear that has been cornered or is being followed by dogs.

Can you deer hunt with dogs in Arkansas?

Arkansas. Arkansas has 19 deer management zones, which are located throughout the state. Dog-deer hunting is permitted in 12 of these zones; the remaining zones are off-limits to dog-deer hunters. Dog-deer hunting is permitted throughout the Ouachita National Forest, with the exception of Wildlife Management Areas, where it is prohibited.

Can you bow hunt in city limits in Arkansas?

Hunting is permitted inside municipal limits in places such as Bella Vista, but you must be at least 50 yards away from any residences, trails, and other public spaces in order to do so. It is prohibited to use archery equipment within 100 feet of a public road, according to state law.

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Can I shoot a deer on my property in Arkansas?

A legally mandated and invisible no-hunting safety zone surrounds every inhabited house in Arkansas. This zone is both legal and mandatory. However, someone who lives in a house or a member of their immediate family can kill a deer from their back porch if the chance presents itself. That is permissible.

How many acres do you have to have to hunt in Arkansas?

Guidelines/Requirements To be eligible to participate, a landowner must have a minimum of 5 contiguous acres that may be planted in one season. It is necessary to own or hold a 5-year lease on the property in question.

Do you need a bow hunting license in Arkansas?

If you are 16 years old or older, you must have an Arkansas hunting license in order to hunt animals, unless you are on a licensed game-bird shooting resort that provides pen-raised birds for the hunt. When hunting, you must have a valid printed license, reusable hard card, or an appropriate electronic format license in your possession at all times.

What do you need to bow hunt in Arkansas?

Arkansas has given its approval. It is necessary to complete an approved bowhunter safety course in order to comply with the rules and regulations of the respective countries. A valid Arkansas Bowhunter Education Certificate may be necessary depending on your age in order to lawfully purchase a hunting license or permit in Arkansas.

Does a button buck count as a doe in Arkansas?

Notes regarding the Zone Button bucks are counted as antlerless deer, but they must be confirmed as a button buck in order to be recorded. When hunting in this zone, button bucks do not count toward a hunter’s buck limit. The CWD rules are in effect.

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