Has your bow been sitting at home unused for a few seasons? Did something not feel right on your last trip to the range? If you’re ready to get back on the trail, make sure your bow is too. Trophy Book Archery Ltd. provides bow repair in Edmonton to ensure your bow works safely and accurately at the time you need it most.

We can check the string tension on the bow, making the proper adjustments to cams and appropriate bolts. Our repair work on your bow includes taking care of any cracking or splitting to the bow limbs along with an assortment of other issues that may occur. Many repairs on Compound bows, Traditional bows and Cross bows require a trained professional, and bow repair at Trophy Book Archery Ltd. may also keep your manufacturer’s warranty valid.


Whether you have recently purchased your first bow or are an experienced archer, keeping your bow well-maintained and cared for will help keep you safe and accurate. To help ensure your bow maintains an ideal operating condition, follow these helpful tips:

  • Inspect your bow before you shoot – before you start shooting, whether for target practice or live action, inspect the components to make sure everything is in working order. Look for any wear and damage to the Cable(s), String, Limbs as well as other components of the bow.
  • Don’t forget to check your strings – through normal use and wear, bowstrings will stretch and lose their tension leading to less poundage, a lightly longer draw, poor arrow flight and a noisy bow when shot. A frayed string should be waxed but a broken strand(s) on a string or cable should be replaced immediately.
  • Never dry fire your bow – shooting your bow without an arrow properly knocked or missing altogether can quickly cause damage. If you accidentally dry fire for any reason, immediately check the components of your bow. If the string and/or cable comes off, come into Trophy Book to get it inspected. Do not attempt to restring it in the field. Also, check and replace damaged or bent arrows to help reduce the risk of injury and damage. Flexing the shaft and/or spinning it will show inconsistencies.
  • Keep your bow in a case – this will go a long way to help maintain the integrity of your bow. Proper storage can prevent warping and protect your bow during travel. If you own a recurve or longbow, it is also highly recommended that you remove the string and store the bow in a horizontal position. Storing a traditional bow vertically will warp the lower limb.
  • Apply bowstring wax regularly – when the string feels dry or shows fraying. This will help prolong the life of your strings and improve your bow’s functionality. All bowstrings and cables should be waxed, but avoid putting wax on the serving wrapped around the key wear points on the string and cable(s).

If you notice anything out of the ordinary with your bow, don’t hesitate to contact Trophy Book Archery Ltd. for bow repair in Edmonton.


Trophy Book Archery Ltd. provides a staff of highly-skilled, highly-trained technicians to handle all of your repair needs whether it’s a routine restringing, a bent cam or anything in between. If you believe there is a synchronization or timing issue, we’re here to get your bow functioning properly. Our professionals are often able to make repairs while maintaining your warranty. If you need bow repair in Edmonton, or you would like to check coverage warranty compatibility with our services, give us a call or come visit us today!