Who Is Robin Disguised As At The Archery Contest? (Perfect answer)

In your opinion, how do you suppose the Prince realized it was Robin who had won the contest? The archery competition was a trap established by the Prince in order to apprehend and arrest Robin. Robin possessed excellent archery skills. He arrived at the event disguised as a humble peasant and managed to hit the bull’s eye on both occasions.

  • The Sheriff of Nottingham is holding an archery competition, and Robin and his men, as well as the Doctor and Clara, are all in attendance. Robbie, dressed as Tom the Tinker, competes against the Sheriff in a final round for the chance to earn a golden arrow as the grand prize. Robin is able to defeat the Sheriff by splitting his arrow with his own shot, according to tradition.

Why does Robin Hood wear a disguise to the archery contest?

In the midst of an important conference with his soldiers, Robin Hood found himself alone. “The Sheriff of Nottingham believes he has a chance to fool me,” he explained. He instructed his soldiers to dress in the clothing of peasants. The sheriff’s archery competition is something we’re looking forward to.

How did Robin Hood possess the Golden arrow?

As depicted by Errol Flynn in the 1938 film The Adventures of Robin Hood, in which Prince John, Guy of Gisbourne, and the Sheriff of Nottingham conspire to trap Robin as the most likely winner of the contest, knowing of his attraction to the Lady Marian, and Robin splits the arrow of another contestant to escape capture, the story is based on the legend of Robin Hood.

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Who was Robin Hood in short?

A long time ago, in England, a nasty and selfish Prince John reigned supreme. To do this, he instructed Sheriff Nottingham to tax the citizens to such an extent that some were compelled to become outlaws. Robin Hood and Little John were two of the most well-known outlaws, both of whom were known for stealing tax money from the Sheriff and redistributing it to the needy.

Why was the Sheriff sure that Robin Hood would come to the contest?

He enjoyed the spectacle of a good sporting contest, as did the majority of males. And at the time, archery was the most popular sport in the United Kingdom. No one could deny that Robin Hood deserved the title of best archer in all of Northern England, and that he had earned it by right. The Sheriff decided to give the outlaw a second chance to establish his claim to the outlaw’s title.

Who told Robin Hood about archery contest?

Question 6: What information did the messenger provide to Robin Hood? Answer: The messenger informed Robin Hood that an archery competition was being held in Nottingham, with a silver arrow as the prize for the greatest archer in the competition.

What’s the name of Robin Hood’s bow?

The messenger sent a message to Robin Hood. What did he say? Answer: The messenger informed Robin Hood that an archery competition was being held in Nottingham, with a silver arrow as the prize for the greatest archer.

What is Robin Hood based on?

But what, exactly, was the source of these nicknames: a fictitious story, an infamous bandit, or a combination of both? The first known literary references to Robin Hood exist in a series of 14th- and 15th-century songs about a violent yeoman who resided in Sherwood Forest with his men and regularly battled with the Sheriff of Nottingham, who was based on the Sheriff of Nottingham.

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Was Robin Hood a real person?

Robin Hood was a genuine figure who lived in the British Isles. However, the man or individuals whose exploits inspired the tale of Robin Hood may not have been known as Robin Hood from infancy, or even during his or her own lifetime, as the mythology suggests.

Did Robin Hood do the right thing when he went into Sherwood Forest to hunt deer after the king said no one could do it anymore Why or why not?

Is it fair to say that Robin Hood did the right thing when he ventured into Sherwood Forest to shoot deer after the King decreed that no one else may do so? What is the reason for this or why is it not? Yes. They were unable to obtain food because the system was unjust to the poor.

Where is Maid Marian buried?

Is it fair to say that Robin Hood did the right thing when he ventured into Sherwood Forest to shoot deer after the King decreed that it was no longer permitted? How do you feel about it, and why do you feel that way? Yes. People could not receive food because it was unjust to the poor.

Who killed Robin Hood?

In his later years, when he became ill, he traveled with his brother Little John to Kirklees Priory, near Huddersfield, where he was to be treated by his aunt, the Prioress. However, a certain Sir Roger de Doncaster convinced the Prioress to murder her nephew, and the Prioress slowly bled Robin to death.

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Where was Robin Hood buried?

The monument known as Robin Hood’s Grave is located on the Kirklees Park Estate in West Yorkshire, England, near the now-demolished Kirklees Priory. It was erected in memory of Robin Hood. It is believed to be the final resting place of the English folk figure Robin Hood.

What is Robin’s last question to himself?

“I’m going to go to the King and beg him to grant me a large number of soldiers so that I may battle Robin and his men and kill them all,” he finally resolved to himself.

Who caught the Robin?

2. Given the facts in the chapter, what happened to Robin Hood at the conclusion of his adventures? 1. Robin Hood was captured by the King’s Men and executed on the King’s orders by the King’s Men. 2.

Why did the rich hate Robin Hood?

Robin Hood is defined as a thief who steals from the affluent to give to the poor in order to defend the common man against tyranny in the story.

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