Who Bought Xpedition Archery? (Correct answer)

Mark-It Services, based in Iowa, has purchased Xpedition Archery, a South Dakota-based company with its headquarters in Yankton. Mark-It Services is a holding company for a number of outdoor, technology, and services-related companies, among others.

Who is the owner of xpedition archery?

Take a journey with Mark Heck, owner of Xpedition Archery, across the pond to New Zealand in search of enormous red deer……….

Where are xpedition archery bows made?

Xpedition Archery, a bow maker based in the small town of Yankton, South Dakota, is producing top-of-the-line bows in the same facility that has been producing parts for the aerospace industry for 48 years. Xpedition Archery is a division of Xpedition Archery, a division of Xpedition Archery.

Is xpedition archery a good brand?

As a bow manufacturer based in the small town of Yankton in South Dakota, Xpedition Archery crafts its best products in the same facility that has been producing parts for the aerospace industry for the past 48 years. Xpedition Archery manufactures top-of-the-line archery bows in the same facility that has been manufacturing aerospace parts for 48 years.

When did Xpedition Archery start?

Founded in 2013, Xpedition Archery is a relatively new bow business that has swiftly risen to the top of the heap when it comes to high-performance bows. Xpedition Archery has quickly established itself as a leader in the high-performance bow market. With the introduction of the all-new X Series in 2021, Xpedition will continue to build on its reputation for innovation.

Where is Xpedition Archery located?

Compound bow maker Xpedition Archery is based in Decorah, Iowa, and specializes in high-performance compound bows.

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Who is Kevin Strother?

Kevin Strother is widely regarded as the most significant bow designer of the contemporary era. A cofounder of Bowtech, Strother has worked on engineering projects for a number of other firms, including Elite, Obsession, and Xpedition, among others. He is concerned that the bow industry has reached a tipping point, which might lead to hunters being forced out of the sport in the future.

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