Where To Hunt Elk In Colorado Early Archery Season? (Best solution)

  • You will be hunting just outside of the communities of Rand and Coalmont, Colorado, to be precise. In the North Park Region of Colorado, Rand lies approximately 3 hours northwest of Denver at the base of Parkview Mountain, near the southern end of the North Park Region. Coalmont is located 25 miles west of Rand, near the eastern end of the Rabbit Ears Pass, and is a small town with a population of around 2,000 people.

Where can I find elk in early season?

The Best Places to Look for Bull Elk in the Early Season

  1. When looking for bull elk, you’ll want to get as high as possible, preferably above tree line if at all feasible. At high heights, the air is significantly colder. If you live in a lower elevation location, you will want to look the other way. You should begin by looking for the canyons that are the deepest and steepest.

Where can I archery elk hunt in Colorado?

We presently provide fully-led private land elk hunts in Colorado at five distinct locations: Cripple Creek, Eastern Plains, Montrose, Cross Mountain Ranch, and Four Mile Ranch. We also offer guided elk hunts in Wyoming and Montana.

What is the best month to hunt elk in Colorado?

Peak rut season often begins around the first day of autumn and lasts through the first part of October, with the timing varying somewhat depending on elevation and latitude (see chart below). If you want to bring home a trophy bull from your hunt, now is the optimum time of year to do your planning.

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Where can I find elk in Colorado?

You’re searching for water holes and wallows, open, south-facing slopes/ridges (where elk frequently graze in the evenings, nights, and mornings), and dark-timbered, north-facing slopes/ridges (where elk often feed in the evenings, nights, and mornings) (where they generally sleep during the day).

What elevation do you find elk?

Elk may be found anywhere between 5,000 and 12,000 feet in elevation in Colorado.

Where can I find elk while hunting?

Trails that are well-traveled behave almost identically to roadways. A mountain’s elk population will not tend to congregate if hunters frequently use the same route up the mountain. Instead, look for ridges that are next to one another but do not have pathways. Consider where elk will be driven as a result of a stampede of hunters swarming up from a key trailhead.

What is the best OTC archery elk unit in Colorado?

Five units (4, 13, 22, 85, and 421) were among the top units for both the second and third rifle seasons in terms of overall Bull Elk harvest as well as hunter success for the second and third rifle seasons.

Where is the best elk hunting in Colorado?

Units 1 and 201, located in the northwest part of Colorado, are well-known for their excellent elk hunting opportunities. This is without a doubt the most productive location in the state when it comes to generating huge bulls. In this location, elk in the 330-380-inch B&C class are routinely produced for individuals who have the necessary preference points to draw.

What county in Colorado has the most elk?

Grand County and Middle Park are located in northwest Colorado, which is home to the biggest migratory herd of elk in North America, as well as a number of other wildlife attractions. Additionally, this same region of the state is home to the greatest mule deer herd in the whole United States.

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Do elk bugle in early September?

Elk are found in vast numbers across Grand County and Middle Park, which is located in northwest Colorado, which is home to the largest migratory herd of elk in North America. It is in this same section of the state that you will find the greatest mule deer herd in the whole country!

What’s the best way to hunt elk?

On public lands, here are nine expert tips for elk hunting.

  1. The Bugle is Louder Than the Herd Bull.
  2. High Vantage Points Provide Excellent Viewing for Elk. Don’t be afraid to hunt in unfamiliar territory. Continue to be aggressive. If you want to put another round in a bull, do not be afraid to do so. Set up an ambush.
  3. When the opportunity presents itself, be prepared.
  4. Take your elk hunting seriously.

Where do elk go during the day?

Elk migrate between three primary resources during their daily routine, regardless of the day of the calendar: 1) sleeping locations, 2) eating areas, and 3) water sources.

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