When Does Archery Season Open In South Dakota Turkey? (Best solution)

Dates of Particular Importance

Description Dates
Turkey Season – Adams Nature Area and Good Earth State Park Access Archery Permit Season Dates Start: Apr 2, 2022 End: Apr 30, 2022
Turkey Season – Spring Archery Season Dates Start: Apr 2, 2022 End: May 31, 2022
Turkey Season – Spring Black Hills Season Dates Start: Apr 9, 2022 End: May 31, 2022


  • Hunters who receive a Merriam’s or Rio Grande wild turkey tag will be able to hunt from April 26-May 2 and May 3-23
  • hunters who draw a Gould’s wild turkey tag will be able to hunt from May 3-9 and May 10-30. The archery season runs from April 26 to May 30, depending on the hunt selected by the hunter. The youth-only season runs from April 19 to 25, and from May 10 to 23.

What can you hunt in South Dakota right now?


  • Animals such as antelope, bighorn sheep, elk, mountain goat, mountain lion, non-trophy buffalo, trophy buffalo, and mule deer are all found in the Rocky Mountain region.

How many turkey tags can you get in South Dakota?

Only inhabitants of South Dakota are eligible for a license. Individual License Quota: Applicants are only permitted to hold one CSP turkey license at a time.

Is there turkey hunting in South Dakota?

Turkey hunting in South Dakota takes occur in one of two distinct zones. A short distance away to the west, there are the world-famous Black Hills, which encompass over 2.3 million acres, with three-quarters of it being public territory (primarily U.S. Forest Service land) and available for hunting. Prairie turkeys are the other spring turkey hunting game available in South Dakota.

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Can you hunt unposted land in South Dakota?

The proprietor or lessee must provide authorization before anybody can hunt, fish, or trap on their property without their consent.

Can you hunt with a crossbow in South Dakota?

It is possible to obtain a Crossbow/Draw-lock Permit for any person who is incapable of using a conventional bow with a minimum draw weight of 30 pounds due to the loss of use of one or both arms, which may be caused by a birth defect, injury, or disease, or who requires the use of a wheelchair for mobility. This permission does not constitute a license.

Can you shoot hen pheasants in South Dakota?

After the fifth day of hunting, you are only allowed to keep 15 pheasants in your possession. It is against the law to shoot chickens. The number to call to report poachers in the state is 1-888-683-7224.

Can you camp in walk in areas in South Dakota?

A: No, you are not permitted to rough camp in Game Production Areas or Walk-In Areas on the property. Walk-In Areas are privately owned by people and leased to our agency for the purpose of hunting and fishing.

What is GPA land in South Dakota?

GPAs are state-owned areas that are administered only for the sake of hunting. On the South Dakota Hunting Atlas, they are denoted by the color red. The 1,000 waterfowl management areas (WPAs) in South Dakota are managed particularly for waterfowl, but they also provide habitat for a variety of other animals.

Can you hunt turkey with a rifle in South Dakota?

WATERTOWN, South Dakota — When it comes to the West River spring turkey prairie hunting units, the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) Commission advocated allowing the use of rifles on private land for the West River spring turkey prairie hunting units. At this time, the use of rifles is not permitted for any spring turkey hunting activities.

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Can you hunt turkey on your own land?

The wild turkey populations in California are robust and increasing in number. Hunt wild turkeys on your land, if it is safe and lawful to do so, or allow others to hunt them on your property. It is necessary to have a hunting license as well as an upland game bird stamp. Shotguns, archery equipment, and air rifles are all acceptable ways of capture.

Are South Dakota turkey tags over the counter?

There are no over-the-counter options.

What kind of turkeys are in South Dakota?

The Merriam’s turkey, the Eastern turkey, and the Rio Grande turkey are all found in South Dakota, and the state is home to three of those species. Eastern turkeys may be found east of the Missouri River, but Merriam’s turkeys can be found largely in the western region of South Dakota’s Black Hills.

Do you have to draw a turkey tag in South Dakota?

It is necessary to obtain permission to hunt on private property in South Dakota. Every year, the Department of Game, Fish, and Parks gets complaints from hunters who purchased a license but were unable to obtain authorization to hunt on private property after the season began.

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