What Time Does Archery Season End In Pa?

Pennsylvania Deer Seasons are defined as follows:

Archery and Crossbow Sept. 18-Jan. 17**
Regular Firearms Nov. 27-Dec. 11** and Dec. 5-12**
Special Firearms (Junior/Senior License, Youth, Disabled Hunters, Military) Oct. 21-23
Flintlock Firearms Dec. 27-Jan. 29**
Muzzleloader Oct. 16-23

When does deer season begin in Pennsylvania?

  • Deer archery is available from October 5 to November 16 for both antlered and antlerless deer (statewide). From October 19th through October 26th, muzzleloaders will only be used on antlerless deer (statewide).
  • Turkey. Hunters have the option of harvesting either a bearded or an unbearded bird. WMUs 5C and 5D are closed for the fall semester. Bear in November. Bear archery season (including crossbow) is open in WMUs 2B, 5C, and 5D from September 21 to November 29. Elk season is open in WMUs 2B, 5C, and 5D from September 21 to November 29. Archery season runs from September 14 through September 28. The month of November

What time do you have to stop deer hunting in PA?

PA hunting hours will be in effect in 2021. Shooting hours for all small and large wildlife are from one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset on all days. This is a difficult one to define because Pennsylvania is a large and diverse state.

How long is archery season open in Pennsylvania?

The statewide archery season in 2021-22 begins on Oct. 2 and runs through Nov. 13. It continues on Sunday, Nov. 14, and then ends on Nov. 30.

What day does archery end in PA?

DEER, ARCHERY (both antlered and antlerless): October 2-November 13; Sunday, November 14; November 15-19; and December 27-January 17, 2022; Statewide. Only one antlered deer may be harvested every hunting license year. One antlerless deer is included with each antlerless license that is necessary.

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Is there a late archery season in PA?

One of the most difficult aspects of deer hunting in Pennsylvania is locating a mature buck during the late statewide archery season, which concluded on January 17. By the beginning of the new year, deer have either become wary or have been harvested by a few fortunate hunters.

Can you archery hunt during rifle season in PA?

While bowhunters are permitted to bring muzzleloading firearms with them during any muzzleloading season, including muzzleloader bear season when they have a bear license, muzzleloading firearms are not permitted to be carried by bowhunters unless they have both an archery license and a muzzleloading license, and they meet the fluorescent orange requirements for the muzzleloader season.

Can you spot deer in PA during archery season?

However, the following is totally lawful at any other time of the year, outside of weapons season: use of a spotlight between dawn and 11 p.m. at any other time of the year, outside of firearms season. This indicates that it is permissible to see deer during the archery hunting season.

How many archery hunters are in Pennsylvania?

The Pennsylvania Game Commission sold 373,700 archery permits in 2020, the highest in the commission’s history. This figure includes both Pennsylvania citizens and nonresidents of the Commonwealth.

Is there any doe tags left in PA?

You can also check for availability by going online to https://huntfish.pa.gov or by clicking on the Antlerless Deer Licenses link on the homepage of the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s website (www.pgc.pa.gov). Access the remaining numbers by clicking on the Antlerless Application Availability link on the right-hand side of the website from there.

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Can I hunt on my own land without a license in PA?

Any person who is eligible to hunt or take furbearers on these lands without first obtaining the necessary license may also hunt or take game or wildlife on any lands other than those owned by the government that are immediately adjacent to and connected to the lands by obtaining the written consent of the owner or lessee of the lands. This consent must be obtained from the owner or lessee of the lands.

Can you hunt Sundays in PA?

Despite the fact that Pennsylvania only has three Sundays open for hunting (November 14, 21, and 28), the species that can be hunted on those days has been enlarged. It is possible to hunt for squirrels, pheasants, rabbit, grouse, quail, groundhog, and crow during the first two Sundays of the season.

How many antlerless deer license are left in Pennsylvania?

The Pennsylvania Game Commission issued a total of 925,000 antlerless deer permits, which is a little decrease from the previous year’s total of 932,000 licenses. Wildlife Management Units (WMUs) are separated into groups based on the size of their deer populations and the aims they wish to achieve with their management.

Can you hunt on Sundays in PA 2021?

Pennsylvania’s normal firearms deer season, which begins Saturday and goes through Saturday, December 11, includes a Sunday for black bear hunting, an archery deer hunting day on Sunday, and a rifle deer hunting day on Sunday.

What county is 2B in PA?

State Game Land (SGL) 203 is located in Franklin and Marshall Townships in Allegheny County, under wildlife management unit 2B (WMU 2B), and now contains 1,245.8 acres. It is part of the Allegheny County Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) 2B.

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