What Strings Come On 2016 Xpedition Archery Bows?

In addition, the distinctive DefCon finish, which combines a honeycomb design, is now available from Xpedition Archery for the 2016 season. Lightning Bowstrings will also be available as stock strings in pure black, which will be a new addition. Visit Xpedition Archery’s website, XpeditionArchery.com, to see the whole array of quality compound bows that the company offers.

Where are xpedition bows made?

Xpedition Archery, a bow maker based in the small town of Yankton, South Dakota, is producing top-of-the-line bows in the same facility that has been producing parts for the aerospace industry for 48 years. Xpedition Archery is a division of Xpedition Archery, a division of Xpedition Archery.

What are the best bow strings made of?

Modern bowstrings are constructed of a variety of synthetic fibers, and understanding which ones are used might be beneficial to your performance.

  • Polyester material that is sturdy, has a lot of stretch, and can be used for a long period of time. Kevlar and Vectran are fibers composed of polymer, and they are used in the military.

How long do strings last on a bow?

Bowstrings that have been properly maintained can endure for around three years before needing to be changed. If there are frays or a broken strand in the bowstring, it should be changed as well. If you’re not sure whether or not you should change your bowstring, consult with an archery store for advice.

Do bow strings make a difference?

To put it simply, good strings translate into good shooting results. You’ll need strings that have plenty of leverage, tension, and resistance so that you can let those arrows fly freely. The best bow strings allow you to extract every last ounce of speed from every shot, which may make a significant difference when every millisecond matters.

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Is xpedition archery a good brand?

Xpedition takes the greatest features of other bow brands and combines them into one incredible product. Speed, backwall, and ease of tuning make this a frighteningly quick smoothness. I used to be a huge fan of Hoyt, and then I went on to work with Elite for a year.

Who is Kevin Strother?

Kevin Strother is widely regarded as the most significant bow designer of the contemporary era. A cofounder of Bowtech, Strother has worked on engineering projects for a number of other firms, including Elite, Obsession, and Xpedition, among others. He is concerned that the bow industry has reached a tipping point, which might lead to hunters being forced out of the sport in the future.

How many strands should my bow string have?

B50 string, which has 12 strands, is the most widely utilized number of strands because it provides a good balance between size, weight, strength, and nock fit. Greater 14-strand B50 strings are typically employed on larger bows, as well as in situations where the additional weight of the bowstring works as a mild damper to improve consistency in shooting.

What should I look for in a bow string?

When purchasing a bowstring, it is necessary to determine the length of your bow. Measure the length of the string from one string groove to the next. Once you’ve determined the length of the bow, you may determine the length of the bowstring. When shooting with a recurve bow, the length of your bowstring is normally 4 inches shorter than the length of the bow.

What are the different types of bow strings?

Bow string shapes have been used to fit bows from the beginning of time, and there are three primary varieties. Simple, reverse-twisted, and looped are the terms used to characterize the three varieties. Looped bow strings are used in all current bow strings, including all of the strings produced by 60X.

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How often should a bow be restrung?

According on how often you shoot, you should get your bow re-strung every two to three years at the very least. Compared to hunting bows, target bows are fired more frequently and should be restrung once a year, whilst hunting bows can be restrung twice a year. The replacement of any bowstrings that show indications of fraying or breaking should be done as soon as possible.

How often should I wax my bow string?

It feels smooth and somewhat sticky to the touch after the bowstring has been thoroughly waxed. If the string feels dry, or if it begins to show signs of discolouration or fuzz out, it’s time to rewax the instrument. In addition to every two to three weeks, elite archers wax their strings before competition if there is a chance of rain in the forecast.

How much does it cost to replace a bow string?

The sensation of a properly waxed bowstring is smooth and slightly sticky. If the string feels dry, or if it begins to show signs of discolouration or fuzz iness, it’s time to rewaxe it. In addition to every two to three weeks, premier archers wax their strings before competition if there is a possibility of rain.

How do I know if I need a new bow string?

Before each usage, archers should check their bowstring and wires for damage. If your bowstring seems to be dry or fuzzy, a simple waxing will generally take care of the problem. If, on the other hand, any of the bowstring strands are ragged or the serving has split, you may want a new string.

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Will new strings make my bow faster?

Yes, a new string can increase speed, but so can a correct tuning of the instrument.

What is bow string creep?

As a result of repeated use, your bowstring will progressively stretch out or develop ‘creep.’ Creep will occur, and you will need to bring the string back to its proper length by briefly removing it and adding a few twists to make up for the lost length. When you first use your bowstring, it will creep the most, so be patient and break it in!

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