How To Serve Archery Bow String? (Solution)

  • Calculate your knock point using a bow square by measuring roughly 2″ above it. Using two single knots, separate the string at that point and enter the fresh serving through the string, leaving a tag end of approximately 4″-5″ in length.
  • After that, run the tag end down the bow string
  • the serving will be wrapped around the tag end to keep it in place.

Do you wax the serving on a bow string?

Please keep in mind that you should not apply wax to the serving. Make use of a dry towel to wipe away any excess water that may have accumulated on the string. Make care to verify the full string, as well as the arrow providing points, before continuing. You have just completed a successful waxing of your bow string.

What is the center serving on a bow?

The center serving is an extremely important component of your bow string, and every archer should inspect it on a regular basis for symptoms of wear and tear. Basically, it’s just a stretch of coiled thread that is wrapped around the middle of your string, covering the region where your D-Loop, nocking point, and kisser button (if you use one) are supposed to be placed.

What is bow string Wax for?

In addition to keeping strings from fraying, waxing them provides a waterproof aspect, preventing water from seeping between the strands, and helps them hold their twists. (If water gets into the string, the string becomes heavier – and the arrow exits the bow at a slower rate, which has an affect on sightmarks and grouping.)

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Do I need to twist my bow string?

Twisting the string will essentially shorten it (imagine twisting a piece of string), resulting in an increase in brace height; pulling the twists out will effectively result in a longer string and, as a result, a decrease in brace height. In order to tune the bow, begin with the lowest reasonable brace height and shoot three arrows.

Can I use candle wax on my bow string?

Is it possible to use candle wax on a bowstring? The use of candle wax on a bowstring is usually considered to be a terrible idea. In particular, this is true for contemporary strings on compound bows, because paraffin wax can destroy the synthetic fibers used in the strings.

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