How To Install Cat Whiskers, Archery? (TOP 5 Tips)

  • Begin by placing the silencer along the bow string, with the center of the silencer located exactly where you want the cat whiskers to be located on the bow string. Normal distance between nocks will be 1/4 to 1/3 of the total distance between nocks. 2. Wrap a length of string material around the silencer and the string multiple times.

What do cat whiskers do on a bow?

Lightweight rubber silencers connect quickly and easily to your bow string, and they do a fantastic job of lowering noise while causing little to no performance degradation.

What do Speed nocks do?

When used appropriately, these tiny fellas may significantly increase bow speed and performance. When the weight of the speed nocks is in the proper location, it will reduce string oscillations and assist the string in returning to the cam track more quickly, allowing a bow to gain up speed.

What is a monkey tail on a bow?

Description of the Mathews Monkey Tails 4 pack Numbers Monkey Tails are a must-have string addition that come standard on Mathews Z-Series bows and are available in several colors. Using four Monkey Tails to improve the speed of your bow results in a modest speed loss of only 1-2 fps in total, with practically all of the string and cable noises and vibrations gone.

What is the fuzzy thing on a bow string?

The Bowjax String Silencers have been shown to reduce string noise by as much as 90%. That increases your chances of getting a solid first shot at your chosen prey in a more efficient manner. Once they are turned on, you will notice a significant change in the level of noise generated when shooting. These teeny-tiny silencers will do much more than just assist you in keeping your bow quiet.

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What is a bow silencer?

Some of it ripples through the bow itself (which you can feel), and some of it ripples through the string of the bow (which you can hear and see when the string vibrates). A bow silencer assists in dispersing part of the energy that remains in the bow, resulting in less vibration in the bow as well as less vibration in the string.

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