How To Determine Whether Cams Are Equally Adjusted Archery? (Solved)

What is an adjustable compound bow Cam, and how does it work?

  • Adjustable compound bow cams allow archers to modify the length of their compound bows by anywhere from 3 inches to 13 inches, depending on the model. For beginner archers who are unclear of their “golden draw length,” as well as for archers who are still developing and will be improving their draw length as they mature, adjustable cam systems are an ideal choice.

How do I know if my bow cam is bent?

You can check if your camera is leaning by placing an arrow flat on it. If everything is in working order, it should execute in parallel with the string. The arrow will either cross over your string or lean away from the string depending on which side of the cam you place it on.

Do you check cam lean at full draw?

What should I do if I have cam lean? Cam lean should only be changed by a technician who has been authorized and educated. Shooting a bow with significant cam lean may result in string derailment and possible damage…………………….. As an archer, you must realize that your bow’s cams will not be exactly straight in both the brace and full draw positions, regardless of your technique.

Does cam lean affect accuracy?

Moderate cam lean (also known as “normal”) will have no effect on accuracy when using field points. Accuracy is all about consistency, and cam lean is a reliable source of constancy.

How do you tune a solo cam bow?

Tuning your single-camera system to perfection Bow Make beautiful bullet holes in paper by shooting a bare shaft through the paper. Adjust the cam lean until the left and right tears are no longer visible. Add twists to the right yolk for the nock-left rip. Add twists to the left yolk to create nock-right tears.

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What causes a bow to derail?

Derails are caused by improper shooting form and bow handling abilities. Unless you have bad shooting form or bow handling abilities, you will never be able to derail your bow – ever. The culprits include the improper bow grip and drawing with the fingers, as well as torquing the bowstring at full draw, and these are the issues that need to be addressed.

What is yoke tuning a bow?

Yoke tuning is the process of adjusting the control cable at the point where it divides or becomes a “yoke” in order to provide a smooth path of movement for the string. When the yoke is properly tuned, the bowstring will track straight off the idler wheel at full draw, without swerving to the right or left.

Can you swap cams on a bow?

Much more may be accomplished with a PSE bow than simply swapping out one kind of PSE cam for another brand of PSE cam on the same bow. Make a Mathews SINGLE cam bow, throw on some Hoyt Spirals, and you’ve got yourself the ONE and ONLY unholy marriage between Hoyt and Mathews in the history of the world.

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