How To Use An Archery Arm Guard Ehow? (Question)

Instructions on how to properly put on an archery arm guard. The method by which you actually connect the arm guard to your arm may vary depending on the sort of arm guard you have purchased. However, all arm guards are intended to be worn on the inside of the forearm of the arm that […]

How To Choose An Archery Release?

What is the most effective bow release? Among its peers, the Scott Archery Double Caliber Release is widely regarded as the greatest compound bow release available. When it comes to archery equipment, it is held to the highest of standards. It is regarded as a top-rated release as a result of the amazing features it […]

How Much Is A Non Resident Archery License In Wisconsin? (Solution)

LICENSES FOR NON-RESIDENTS Type $ Archer 160.00 Archer (under 12 years old) 7.00 Student Archer (not available for online purchase) 24.00 Student Archer (12-17 years old – not available for online purchase) 20.00 PERMITS FOR NON-RESIDENTS The fee is $12 per person for Wisconsin residents, $20 per person for non-residents, and $5 per person for […]