What Gear Do I Need to Start Bow Hunting?

Once you’ve purchased a bow and taken a hunting course it can be tempting to get out and get hunting right away. Without the right gear, however, the hunt might not go as well as anticipated. At Trophy Book Archery Ltd., we’ve been providing compound bows, traditional bows and crossbows along with hunting accessories in Edmonton for over 24 years. Here’s our guide to help you get started with bow hunting.

Hunting Attire

When hunting, proper clothing is often overlooked in favour of other gear and accessories. However, finding the right hunting attire in Edmonton can make a big difference in how successful and how comfortable you are during a hunt. Quality camo clothing will help keep you well camouflaged with your surroundings. It will also keep you warmer and will better stand up for many years to come compared to regular, less expensive clothing.

Hunting attire in Edmonton is specifically made to stand up to the harsh Canadian elements, so don’t leave on a hunt without it. Invest in quality brand hunting attire before your next trip.

Helpful Tip: Deer only have 2 receptors not 3 like us humans. As we see a grey scale of shades, deer see a blue scale of shades. Using UV inhibitors to wash your clothes will stop the reflection of light (blue colour) causing you to blend into the background. Camo patterns made very little difference to deer, it just makes us harder to see each other.

Bow Accessories

There are a variety of inexpensive and important bow hunting accessories in Edmonton that you should have before you begin hunting, such as an armguard, finger tabs, release aids and quivers.

You’ll especially want to invest in a quality quiver from a trusted brand such as Mathews, Mission, TightSpot or Bohning. Modern quivers are typically made out of plastics and composites rather than traditional leather, wood, or fur. These materials are durable, easy to use, and sound dampening. There are many different styles and designs for you to choose from.

Archery Lessons

Even if you’ve already taken a lesson or two on how to use your bow, it is highly recommended that you improve or brush up on your skills before heading out to hunt on your own. Trophy Book Archer Ltd. offers archery lessons in Edmonton for all skill levels that can help you improve your shooting technique for a broader range of challenging shots. Taking the time to practice and learn more about your sport will lead to far more success in the field. Find out about “Effective Range.” What’s yours?

Hunting Accessories

Finally, don’t forget about the various types of hunting accessories that can really give you an edge when you head out on your own. Blinds and tree stands in Edmonton, for example, are popular among hunters of large game such as deer, elk and moose. Good hunting optics are also important for all weather visibility, range finding, and low light conditions. Additionally, you can use trail cameras to find out where animals are spending their time. Along with the proper use of masking, scents and hunting calls to get you as close as possible can make a huge difference in the success of your hunt.

Bow and Hunting Accessories in Edmonton for All Your Needs

Come to Trophy Book Archery Ltd. and we’ll help you find all of the right hunting attire and hunting accessories in Edmonton for a successful hunt. You can also take our Edmonton firearms safety course if you’re interested in learning to hunt with firearms. Just contact or visit Trophy Book Archery Ltd. and we’ll have you properly outfitted for the hunt in no time.

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