Beginners Archery: Bow and Arrow

If you’ve been thinking about taking up archery, then you’ll first have to decide what types of Edmonton bow and arrow supplies you’d like to use, as well as what type of archer you want to try. At Trophy Book Archery Ltd., we not only supply bows and arrows in Edmonton, but also important information to anyone who is interested in archery.

While all types of archery use bows and arrows, not all types of archery are the same. There are five main kinds of archery you can try:

  • Target Archery - Target archery, as it sounds, involves shooting at stationary targets. It can be practiced indoors or outdoors.
  • Field Archery - If you’re more into spending time outdoors, then field archery, which consists of shooting at targets along an outdoor course, is for you.
  • Bowhunting - For even bigger outdoor enthusiasts, there is bowhunting, which allows you to practice archery while harvesting your own dinner!
  • 3D Archery - If you’re not too interested in hunting but still like the feel of being in the woods, then you can take up 3D archery and take your aim at foam animal targets instead.
  • Traditional Archery - Traditional archery is a catch-all term that refers to archery that makes use of a traditional bow without any modern accessories.

Just as there are many different types of archery, there are also many different bows to choose from. Any given type of bow may be used for more than one type of archery.

For example, compound bows in Edmonton are a popular choice for bowhunting, target shooting, and 3D archery. Recurve bows, the only type of bow allowed in the Olympics, are common in field archery, 3D archery, and sometimes in bowhunting. Traditional bows can be used in any type of archery by anyone seeking a more old-school archery experience, and crossbows are likewise used in all forms of archery, typically for their greater accuracy and longer range.

Some bows come packaged with accessories already installed, while others may take you more time and money to fit out. Buying a ready-to-shoot package can be a good idea for beginners.

When it comes to arrows, you can choose between ones made out of wood, aluminum, and carbon. Which material you choose will initially matter less than choosing the right arrow size. The arrows you use needs to suit your draw length, which is the distance between your hands when you are standing as if you’re drawing back the string on a bow, about to shoot.

There is also a vast variety of archery accessories that you can get for your bow or compound bow in Edmonton, such as bow cases and covers, quivers, finger tabs, arms guards, and grips. Depending on the type of archery you take part in, you may also want to invest in accessories such as targets, sights, scopes, and peeps.

If you’re trying to figure out which type of bows and arrows in Edmonton are right for you, then you could probably use a bit of assistance. At Trophy Book Archery Ltd., we carry a variety of bows and archery supplies, including compound bows, in Edmonton. Our experts can answer all of your questions and set you up with the right gear and accessories for your needs.

To check out our Edmonton bow and arrow selection or to speak to one of our archery experts, just visit or contact Trophy Book Archery Ltd. today.

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