Why Did Shiro Quit Archery?

According to what I’ve read, Shiro was so skilled that he had to put up extra effort when he really missed the mark. He quit practicing archery because he became dissatisfied with the fact that he was consistently successful while exerting little effort.
Does Shirou have a soft spot for Archer?

  • In the Unlimited Blade Works path, Shirou rapidly develops a rivalry with Archer following their initial encounter, and is revealed to be envious of Archer’s friendship with Rin as the two appear to be getting closer to each other. Shirou likewise feels, if reluctantly, that Archer is cooler than him.

Does Shirou still become Archer?

After completing each of the three routes in Fate/stay night, Shirou retains the option of becoming an Archer, although the likelihood of this occurring is extremely low.

Does Archer hate Shirou?

The Sequart Organization reported that, while Archer despises his former self due of the remorse he had about his time as Shirou, he has come to terms with his choices. An Anime News Network critic appreciated his performance in the film’s battle scenes. The way Shirou and Rin began as foes and become closer as the tale progressed was particularly appealing to Blu-Ray.

How did Shiro hurt his arm?

Shirou and Rin, who have become allies by this point, recognize this and interfere, accidentally coming into a battle between Team Zouken and Berserker in the forest. Shirou and Illya manage to flee with the help of the Shadow, who then attempts to murder everyone, prompting Shirou to push Illya out of the path and have his arm cut off by the attack. That’s all there is to it.

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Why is emiya A Archer?

So, what is Shirou’s motivation for being an Archer? Simply put, it’s because he’s good with a bow. A servant is recruited in the class that best matches their abilities; obviously, there are occasional exceptions, but for the most part, this is correct.

Did Shirou marry Rin?

Is it possible that Shirou and Rin got married? The fact that they had formally embarked into a romantic relationship following the conclusion of the Fifth Grail War is also established in this final scene. Rin’s Happy Ending sees her maintain Saber as her Servant, and she and Shirou go on to enjoy a normal happy life together as a couple in the real world.

Does Archer remember Saber?

I’m not sure where it was said – maybe it was in some type of side material or maybe it was in the last episode or something – but we are expressly told that Archer vividly recalls summoning Saber while he was going through the battle (this is something that happens in every timeline, because of Avalon).

Why did Archer join caster?

Rin is betrayed by Archer, who joins forces with Caster since, according to him, she had the best chance of obtaining the Holy Grail. It was necessary for Archer to be free of Rin’s command seal in order to complete his mission of assassinating Shirou.

Why is Archer Black?

He did so on a regular basis, exposing his inside organs to a significant quantity of mana as a result. This mana ruined his hair pigmentation, turning them white, and burned his cells, resulting in his becoming a tanned individual. As a result of this, his alternate version is more darker than normal, indicating that he utilized it even more frequently.

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What is Archer’s ideal?

Shirou and Archer are not interested in killing people. Despite the fact that they both want to “rescue everyone,” Archer is extremely good at murdering, which is the polar opposite of what they both desire. It is not a war of physical strength or outcomes, since they both know that Archer is superior, but rather a contest of which of the two frames of view is more valid.

What happened to Shirou’s body?

The genuine answer to your actual question is that Shirou’s corpse was destroyed with the Holy Grail at the conclusion of the HGW in HF, as stated above.

Why is Shiro’s hair white?

What is the source of Shiro’s white stripe in his hair? According to Shiro’s own handwritten notes, he is suffering from stress at the time. To quote him, “Stress has the potential to do some really horrific things.”

Which Shirou is the strongest?

The UBW Archer in the role of Counter Guardian is the most powerful. The second is the one who is able to deploy Excalibur without expelling all or most of his mana reserves. The third character is Shirou from the post-UBW future, who has inherited the majority of Archer’s abilities. The fourth character is the UBW Archer, who serves as Heroic Spirit.

Does Rin Tohsaka become a servant?

6 She Is Also a Domestic Helper Rin’s transformation into a Servant was inevitable given her background as a tsundere heroine, a magical girl, and a professional wrestler. While most people think of Ishtar and Ereshkigal when they think about Rin-flavored Servants, the fact is that it happened far earlier.

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Who is Rin’s Archer?

EMIYA (? ), Class Name Archer (, ch? ), is a Servant of Rin Tohsaka in the Fifth Holy Grail War of Fate/stay night. She is the Archer-class Servant of Rin Tohsaka in the Fifth Holy Grail War of Fate/stay night.

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