Which States Have Otc Archery Elk Tags? (Solution)

Table 1 shows the general elk tags available to non-residents in five western states for the 2019 elk hunting season.

State Any Bull Elk Total Non-Res. Costs
Idaho A-M-R $582
Oregon A-R $167 + $571 = $738
Utah A-M-R $65 + $339 = $458 ($700 multi season)
Washington A-M-R $593.80


Are Colorado archery elk tags OTC?

In eastern Colorado, there are two OTC archery seasons, an Either-Sex hunt and an Antlerless hunt (both on the same dates), as well as three OTC rifle seasons, the 2nd Rifle Season, the 3rd Rifle Season, and a Plains Rifle Season. Hunters holding OTC Either-sex Archery tags have access to 137 of Colorado’s 184 elk units (Game Management Units – GMUs), which includes the state’s largest herd.

Where is the cheapest place to hunt elk?

Archery at a Reasonable Price Elk Hunting is a popular activity.

  • Public lands in Idaho and Wyoming. There is the finest trophy quality of the four outfitters with opportunities at bulls over 320′′ at this outfitter. Private Land in New Mexico with Landowner Permits Included There are two types of ranches available for this hunt: Colorado Public Land and Private Land.

Can a non resident buy a general elk tag in Wyoming?

Those who are not citizens of Wyoming can purchase general tags for $591 for a Bull Elk or Any ELK license and $302 for a cow/calf (antlerless) license, but they must apply in order to obtain them. Many units in Wyoming have a virtually 100 percent chance of receiving a tag.

Does Montana have OTC elk tags?

#Montana Offers Combination Big Game or Elk Tags Non-residents will no longer be allowed to purchase over-the-counter (OTC) tags for big game or elk. You will need to apply for licenses for combination elk, big game combos (deer and elk), and combination deer, which are all different types of combinations.

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Can you buy over the counter elk tags in Idaho?

Residents and nonresidents alike can purchase General Season elk tags over the counter (OTC) in all but one of Idaho’s elk management zones and all but three of the state’s management units during the elk hunting season.

Where can I buy over the counter elk tags in Colorado?

Licenses obtained over-the-counter Available for purchase online, over the phone (1-800-244-5613), and at sales agents around the state. The CPW does not limit the number of over-the-counter permits that may be purchased (unlimited, unlimited add-on bear, and leftover limited), and they are only accessible for specified species.

Which state has the best elk hunting?

The Best Hunting States in the U.S.

  • Arizona is the best state for elk hunting. Arizona is a state that takes years and years to draw, but once you do, the hunting is excellent.
  • Nevada is a state that takes years and years to draw, but once you do, the hunting is excellent. Nevada has some amazing elk, and you can get landowner licenses there. Other states with great elk include Montana, Wyoming, Washington, California, Colorado, and New Mexico. The state of Oregon also has great elk.

How many elk are in Montana?

But the recovery of elk populations in Montana, which were estimated to number more than 136,000 at the end of 2017 – down from a peak of 176,000 in 2017 – has brought many of the state’s hunters and landowners to a fork in the road, sparking a divisive debate about how best to manage the state’s wildlife resources.

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Does Wyoming have OTC mule deer tags?

Wyoming citizens can purchase an unlimited number of “over-the-counter” deer hunting licenses in general license deer hunt zones. Nonresident deer hunters who intend to hunt in a general area must get a Region General License, which is tailored to a certain region in which they wish to hunt.

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