When Was Ben Pearson Old Hickory Archery Set Made?

BEN PEARSON WAS A LEGEND IN HIS DAY In spite of having received only a grammar school education, Pearson became self-taught in the fields of electricity and mechanics. Pearson built his first bow around 1926, which was a six-foot hickory modeled after the English longbow and based on instructions found in Boy Scout articles written by Uncle Dan Beard.

  • Manufacturing began in March 1938 in a brick structure that had previously been used as a sorghum mill. By the 1960s, the number of structures on the property had increased to ten. After selling the company to the Leisure Group, Inc., a big sports goods and leisure equipment company based in Los Angeles, Mr. Pearson retired from the firm in 1967.

How old is Ben Pearson’s bow?


Are old compound bows worth anything?

To be honest, unless you’re talking about an original prototype, no ancient compounds are worth more than they’re now being offered for sale.

Are Pearson bows any good?

Ben Pearson Archery is still doing strong, in general terms. Some archers like the fact that certain bows are less well-known than others because they believe they are hidden jewels. In all seriousness, they are extremely fine bows that will hold their own against the most popular bows on the market today.

Who bought Pearson Archery?

Ben Pearson Inc. was selling 3,000 bows and 3–4,000 arrows each day in 1963, according to company records. The firm was purchased by Leisure Group in 1967, and the highest-end bows were removed from the line as a result of the acquisition.

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When was the bear whitetail hunter bow made?

The all-new Whitetail Legend is an homage to the legendary Whitetail Hunter bow, which was initially launched by our founder Fred Bear in the 1970s and has been updated for the modern hunter.

Are older compound bows still good?

Even if something is completely out of date, if it has been properly preserved, it is generally safe to use. If you’ve shot with your bow within the last year, the chances are good that you’ll be alright shooting with it again. If it’s been a while, though, take the time to check that everything is still safe. Make an appointment to have it checked by a specialist.

How old is my bear bow?

A stamp that reads “Bear Products” in some way on the ALL wood bow indicates that it was created prior to the early to mid 1940s. When a piece is stamped with the word “Bear Archery,” it was most likely created after the early to mid 1940s and before 1949.

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