What Grain Arrows To Shoot With Bear Archery Species? (Correct answer)

  • Bear G2 kinetic energy changes depending on the disparity between the arrow speed and weight of the arrow. There are a handful of different characteristics that you may use to predict the kinetic energy. These are the ones: Seventy-five pounds, thirty inches, and 350 grain arrows: 74.7 foot-pounds of KE 900.7 foot-pounds KE with 70 lbs., 30′′, and 425 grain arrows

What grain arrows should I shoot?

If you want to target practice, you want an arrow that weighs around 5 to 6 grains per pound of draw weight in total (shaft, vanes, insert, nock, and field point combined). As an example, if your bow has a draw weight of 60 lbs., you should use arrows with a total weight of between 300 and 360 grain.

How many grains should my arrows be?

According to Bentcik, the most significant consideration in arrow weight is safety. To keep people from getting hurt, he says bow makers set their safety ratings at roughly 5 grains per pound. When you pull the trigger on your release, the arrow shafts must be hefty enough to absorb the energy of the bow.

What is a good grain weight for a hunting arrow?

I believe that a decent average hunting arrow should weigh between 6 and 8 grains per pound of bow weight, with lighter bows perhaps weighing as much as 9 to 10 grains per pound of bow weight. A normal 60-lb. bow should be in the 360- to 480-grain range, and a typical 70-lb. bow should be in the 420- to 560-grain range, according to the manufacturer.

Is a 400 grain arrow good for deer?

A 400 grain arrow at 305ish feet per second (which is probably somewhat quicker than your set-up) has worked well for me on deer in the past. If the positioning is correct, it will blow straight through them. Even though I haven’t taken an elk with that setup, I wouldn’t be concerned about it.

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How do I know what grain arrow to use?

My experience with deer has been with 400 grain arrows at 305ish fps (which is probably a little quicker than your setup). A well-placed blast will pass straight through them. Even though I haven’t shot any elk with that setup, I wouldn’t be concerned about it.

Are 340 or 400 arrows heavier?

400 arrows are significantly more powerful than 500 arrows. The strength of 500 arrows is greater than the strength of 600 arrows. A weaker arrow is referred to be “softer.” Bows with draw weights of 15–35 pounds typically require 600 arrows, while those with draw weights of 35–55 pounds require 500 arrows, those with draw weights of 55–75 pounds require 400, and bows with draw weights of 75–95 pounds require 340.

What spine should my arrows be?

The addition of weight to the front of the arrow weakens the spine of the arrow. Therefore, Gold Tip recommends a 400 spine for a 27-inch arrow with a 100 grain tip, fired from a 60-pound bow, but a 340 spine for the same length and draw weight, but with the point weighted at 150 grains, according to its website.

What’s the difference between 100 grain and 125 grain broadheads?

One of the reasons I prefer to fire a 100 grain broadhead with a 50 grain screw in weight is that the 125 grain broadheads often have a longer ferrule and a somewhat bigger profile as a result of the additional 25 grains of weight necessitating the use of more material.

Are Heavier arrows more accurate?

Heavy arrows simply absorb more of the available energy from a bow, resulting in fewer vibrations and quieter hunting bows as a result of the increased absorption. Heavy arrows are always more dependable and durable than lighter arrows, assuming all other things are equal.

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How much does a 400 grain arrow weight?

Consequently, the 400 grain arrow weighs 0.914 ounces. (Note:

What length arrows should I use?

A decent rule of thumb is to not trim it any shorter than the center of the riser, unless absolutely necessary. At full draw, the end of your arrow would be exactly in the center of the shelf. A full-length, uncut arrow nocked and drawn back will give you the most accurate measurement of how long your arrows need to be.

Who makes heavy carbon arrows?

GrizzlyStik carbon arrows are strong, hunting arrows designed with a single goal in mind: to enter any game animal and kill it quickly and humanely. For hundreds of years, hefty arrows have been used with great effectiveness in battle.

What is a good arrow weight for black bear?

Choose an arrow weighing between 400 and 500 grams with a broadhead that allows you to fire correctly and then go enjoy the hunt. I’ve taken down bears with every form of broadhead and arrow weight imaginable, weighing anywhere from 55 lbs to 70 lbs. Shoot well, understand the anatomy, and avoid hitting the shoulder and you’ll have a dead bear on your hands.

Is 500 grains enough arrow weight for elk?

Elk arrow weights should be between 450 and 550 grains for best performance. As a result, I strive to keep my arrows around 500 grains in order to divide the difference. A well-made heavy arrow with a 125 or 150 grain broadhead is a sight of beauty to behold.

Is 650 grain arrow too heavy?

A 650 grain arrow is far too heavy for a Whitetail deer to handle. A 400 to 450 grain arrow moving at 270 feet per second will reliably penetrate a deer’s rib cage and cause 100 percent passthrough penetration. Even with mechanical heads that are 1.5″ or larger in diameter. In addition, those figures are easily achieved at the average DL and with less than 70# of DW.

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