Kingdom Come How Can I Get Easy Archery Levals? (Solution)

  • Use the console command wh pl showfirecursor 1 (so you can see where you are aiming) and then practice at the Ledechko archery range until your bow reaches level 15 or above. When you win the game, the game awards you with a boost to your skill.

Where can I practice archery kingdom come deliverance?

A location for Henry to hone his bow skills, the Archery range of Rattay is overseen by the Archery master of Rattay and is open to the public.

Is it possible to beat Sir Hans?

Defeating Hans might be a challenging task at times. Remember to block often, keep an eye on Hans’s stamina, and use the secondary sword attack to knock him off balance if at all possible. If you are successful in your quest, you will receive Capon’s hunting bow (you will be able to use it later on – it requires 5 Strength and Agility points).

What is the best bow in Kingdom Come?

The Yew Longbow, which is the most powerful bow available, will take around 3.9 seconds to draw. The Villager’s dogwood bow, which is the least powerful of the three bows, will take around 2 seconds to draw. I also put the Ash and Elm Longbows through their paces and found that they take between 3.3 and 3 seconds to draw.

Where can I buy a bow and arrow in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

Archery equipment may be acquired at the Rattay Hunting Lodge (located in Berthold) or the Talmberg Hunting Lodge (located in Berthold) (from Nicholas).

Where is Hunter Berthold?

‘Huntsman Berthold’ is a fictional character in the video game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. He may be found in the northern part of the city of Rattay.

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How do you complete chumps on the river?


  1. Getting a higher score is as simple as mounting your horse and galloping down the bank to the crossing, crossing to the other side of the river, and then galloping back to where the logs are floating. It is automatic that you will forfeit the wager if you leave the playing area or are shot by another archer.

Is capons bow good?

As a result of Capon’s hunting bow’s minimal needs for damage, it becomes an ideal bow for any form of hunting, and provided you use quality arrows and have a relatively high Bow skill, you can even take down Red deer with it if you have decent arrows and a moderately high Bow skill.

How many hares does it take to beat Hans capon?

To defeat Hans, you must kill at least five or six rabbits, however his score in the archery competition may fluctuate from game to game depending on how well you do. At lunchtime, return to camp to see Hans and have a conversation with him.

Can you win the archery contest kingdom come?

Kingdom Come: The Day of Deliverance To win the archery tournament for the wine that you’ll need for the mission is near-impossible. The ai-vendor deceives the player right before the final shot. He consistently earns 5 or 6 points, making it impossible for you to win.

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