How To Shoot With A Back Pressure Archery Release?

  • The following are the fundamental procedures for performing the shot while using a back tension release aid: Engage the hook onto the bowstring while holding the safety in place with your index and middle fingers. Continue to draw the bow as you would normally do while keeping the safety engaged. Arrive at the anchor point of your choice. Take aim and place your target within your line of sight. Allow the safety to be released.

Are back tension releases more accurate?

This is not a coincidental occurrence. The vast majority of the world’s most accurate compound archers have determined that back-tension releases are the most effective method of achieving the highest level of accuracy possible.

Whats a back tension release?

A back tension type release entirely eliminates the ability to take an expected shot by eliminating the shooter’s ultimate control from the situation. There is no button to press or a trigger to punch to activate the system.

What release does Rogan use?

Joe’s Releasing Assistance Joe Rogan has relied on the solid brass Carter Target 4 release aid since his early practice days, and it has served him well. When it comes to modern compound bows, with their precise plane of motion and firm limb stops, release aids are a must. This is because: Fingers exert torque on the string, making it more prone to slipping off the cams.

Is a thumb release a back tension release?

Back tension is an incorrect word for a release; it refers to a method of shooting any type of release. When you use your thumb to fire a trigger release, you are using the same idea as when you use a wrist strap index trigger. It is not the same as a tension release or a hinge in the traditional sense.

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Do you have to use a release with a compound bow?

Release aids are incorporated into the design of modern compound bows. Today, the vast majority of compound archers employ release aids, yet there are still some compound archers who prefer to shoot compounds with their fingers. Due to the fact that releases make shooting considerably easier, compound archers do not have to train as much to maintain their arrows grouping nicely.

Why is a thumb release better?

Thumb release aids really have a fairly nice function that allows you to clip the release onto a D-loop and then just let it hang there for the rest of the time. This is especially useful when hunting from a ground blind or a treestand, which is where you could find yourself in the future (pun intended).

What release does Levi Morgan use?

Actually, thumb release aids include an extremely useful function that permits the release aid to be clipped onto a D-loop and let to dangle there indefinitely. In situations when you could be hunting from a ground blind or a treestand, this is extremely useful (no pun intended).

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