How To Install Topoint Archery Drop Away Arrow Rest Tp 814? (Solved)

  • Attach your arrow rest to the riser of your bow. Install the berger hole screw, as well as any extra set screws, to ensure that the rest is squarely attached to the riser. 3. Determine the location of the arrow rest on the up arrow. Pull the bowstring manually to bring the rest of the arrows to the up position while holding an arrow on the bowstring.

Do you need an arrow rest on a compound bow?

In order to properly aim your compound bow when shooting, you’ll need a sight to help you. When you shot, an arrow rest keeps your arrow in place and directs it along a straight course. On a recurve and longbow, the arrow rest attaches to the bow, or you may utilize the shelf that is built into the bow to rest your arrows.

Where can I knock my arrows?

It is recommended that nocked arrows be placed approximately a quarter inch above the arrow rest on the bow handle. An “nocking point,” which is a little brass band crimped onto the bowstring to identify the exact position, is found on nearly all modern bows.

Which way does the odd color Fletching go on a drop away rest?

It’s a DROP-AWAY resting place. As the arrow exits the string, the fletchings are no longer in touch with anything else. As a result, it makes no difference which direction the odd feather is pointing. Those that remain will be crowned champions!

Does whisker biscuit affect accuracy?

It is true that the Whisker Biscuit decreases the speed and accuracy of your arrows by a small amount. It’s important to note that the change is so minor that most shooters will not detect it. When you shoot numerous times with the whiskers, you may need to re-fletch your arrows to compensate for the tension on the vanes.

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Where does the arrow rest go on a compound bow?

The inside, in the space between you and the riser. If you are shooting with your right hand, the arrow will land on the left side of the riser while you are shooting right handed. If you are shooting with your left hand, the arrow will land on the right side of the riser while you are shooting left handed.

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