How To Choose Thr Correct Strength Of Verifier Archery? (TOP 5 Tips)

Finding an archery dealer who carries our Verifier Tool is the most effective method of determining which Verifier is right for you. We invite you to visit our Dealer page by clicking on the link below. People in their early 40s may usually get away with using the weakest Verifier (#4-#5). The stronger the Verifier, the older you are or the weaker your vision, the more you will require.

  • An insufficient Verifier will result in your pins remaining somewhat fuzzy
  • an excessively strong Verifier will result in your target remaining fuzzy. The goal is to locate a Verifier that is just suitable for you
  • one that is neither too strong nor too weak in comparison to your needs. The only way to tell if you have the right Verifier power is if your pins and target are both clear!

What degree Peep do I need?

For the majority of hunting bows, 37 degrees will enough. In most cases, 45 degrees would only be considered when shooting anything that was significantly longer, such as 40 inches ATA or more.

What does a verifier do in a peep sight?

The Verifier peep has lenses in it that are similar to the ones in your reading glasses, which will help you to see your sight pins on your hunting sight more clearly when you are using it. Keep in mind that any changes in your eyesight will not impair your ability to complete the shot successfully. The verifier lens enhances the clarity of the image, making pins and holes more visible.

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What is a clarifier peep sight?

A clarifier is a lens that is inserted in the peep that, when combined with another lens in your scope or sight, will let you to see the target more clearly than you would otherwise. Clarifiers should only be used when shooting through a scope (or pin sight) with a lens attached.

What’s the difference between a clarifier and a verifier?

It is used when shooting with pins to clear up the pins, and when shooting with a scope and lens to clear up the target, it is used when shooting with pins to clear up the target. Verifiers are often favoured by senior archers who have lost part of their ability to focus on close-up objects, such as sight pins, and so prefer to use them.

How big should my peep sight be?

Sizes of peep holes that are often seen The 3/16″ peeps are by far the most popular of the three and will accommodate the majority of eye types. Generally speaking, a smaller peep diameter will give more accuracy, whilst a bigger peep size will provide superior low-light performance.

Why are my sight pins blurry?

You have a fuzzy image of your pins or the target. In order to assist clear up your vision image, you may insert a verifier lens into specially-designed peeps to help clear up your vision picture. In this case, the lens you’re evaluating is too weak if it makes the target visible but the pins appear fuzzy. It is possible that the lens is too powerful if the pins are clear but the target is hazy.

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