How Long Does Archery Season Last For Washington? (Solution)

Each year, hunters in Washington are limited to a total of two black bear kills. Late-season cougar hunting can go until the end of April, or until harvest quotas are satisfied, depending on the region.
Seasons for hunting deer in Washington.

High Buck Hunts (Firearms) Sept. 15-25
Late Archery Nov. 24-Dec. 31**
High Buck Hunts (Muzzleloader) Sept. 15-25


  • In addition, archers across the state can hunt for antlered or antlerless deer from October 3 to November 14, as well as from November 16 to November 20, as well as during the late archery deer season, which runs from December 26 to January 18. It is the first time in history that the season will include a Sunday hunt on Nov. 15, as well as an additional seventh week for the first time.

What state has the longest archery season?

One of the most traditional states in the country also happens to have some of the most thrilling hunting seasons in the whole country. Tennessee has one of the longest deer hunting seasons in the country, with a season that lasts from November through March.

When can you bow hunt in Washington state?

The dates for deer season are complicated and vary depending on where you live. Archery season, on the other hand, runs from September 1 to September 19 or from September 1 to September 24. The majority of gun hunters will be out in the field from October 16-26 or October 16-29. The late general season runs from November 6 through November 19.

Why is archery season so short?

Because deer hunting seasons in many states are so short, wildlife managers and hunters may take the quota of deer necessary to keep the population in balance without requiring lengthy seasons in other areas. Because of the low success rates and difficulty, archery seasons are often a little longer than other sports.

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What state has the earliest bow season?

Many people are surprised to learn that California’s “A Zone” has the earliest deer season in the continental United States. The “A Zone” is a vast expanse of land stretching roughly from Ventura northward for several hundred miles, and it includes the coast and coastal mountains.

What states have late deer seasons?

Here are a few states that allow deer hunting in the late season:

  • Colorado. Colorado is recognized for its exceptional deer hunting and has been known to produce some of the most impressive Whitetail and Mule Deer bucks in the world. Missouri. The following states in the Midwest have significant deer archery seasons: Arizona
  • Alabama
  • Washington
  • Ohio
  • Minnesota
  • Wisconsin

Which type of bow is not legal for general bow hunting in Washington?

Archery rules for longbow, recurve bow, and compound bow archery are as follows: A bow that does not produce a minimum of 40 pounds of pull measured at twenty-eight inches or at full draw is prohibited from hunting large game animals in California.

Are salt licks legal in Washington?

Predators such as wolves, mountain lions, and bears have learnt that camping out a salt lick would result in an easy meal and have become proficient at it. It is not against the law in Washington to use salt or other baits as long as they are not used on government territory.

Can you bow hunt in city limits Washington?

Despite the fact that hunting is now prohibited in the city, archery aficionados can continue to practice with a bow and arrow in the city as long as they have the right permits and licenses. It is against the law to hunt any animal by any means within the municipal borders, according to the new legislation, which was signed into law on Monday and became effective Tuesday.

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Do you need an archery license in WA?

In Washington, bowhunter schooling is not necessary, although it is highly encouraged. It is necessary to get this qualification in order to hunt using archery equipment in various states and Canadian provinces.

How long does bow season last?

Seasons vary depending on where you live, however the majority of bow hunting seasons last from August to late fall/early winter.

Do you need to wear orange when bow hunting?

California – Although the use of hunter orange is not obligatory in California, it is highly recommended. Deer hunters and their partners on public grounds in Florida must be outfitted with at least 500 square inches of bright orange above the waist, according to state law. During archery-only seasons, bowhunters are not obliged to wear a blaze orange vest or jacket.

What can you hunt with a bow and arrow?

A few of the most common prey items for bowhunters are whitetail deer, mule deer, elk, bear, and turkey, among others. Nonetheless, extremely adept bowhunters frequently employ a bow to hunt huge game species such as moose or coyotes, which are both dangerous and unpredictable! Those who possess sniper-like precision may even find success bowhunting for squirrels or rabbits in their backyards.

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