How Do I Respond To A Post On Archery Talk? (Correct answer)

How to Reply to a Discussion Thread (with Pictures). You’ll find a content box towards the bottom of every page inside a thread where you may type your thoughts into the conversation. As soon as you’re finished, simply click “submit reply.”
What is the best place to publish archery-related videos?

  • Elite, Hoyt, Mathews, PSE, and more manufacturer-specific forums are available for you to enjoy the company of folks who shoot the same bow as you do. Now includes a variety of accessories! This section is reserved only for the uploading of archery-related films.

How do you post classified on archery?

Registered. Go to the classifieds area and then to Bow’s for sale to see what’s available. Selecting target or hunting bows is the next step, followed by opening and reading the guidelines at the top of the page.

How to delete post on archery talk?

In any portion of the forum, you will not be able to delete a post. You can request that a Moderator remove one for you, and if there is a compelling cause, they may agree. Alternatively, you can close a discussion in the classifieds section. On a computer, I feel that choice should be located in the lower left-hand corner.

How do you post pictures on archery talk?

Select either “Documents” or “Pictures” from the drop-down menu under Libraries, depending on where your photo is stored. Choose the image you wish to use and press the “open” button. It will now be shown in the “Quick Reply” section. You can include a remark, a description, or anything else you choose.

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Is Mathews traverse a good bow?

Despite the fact that it is not the most expensive model in the Mathews 2019 portfolio, the Traverse has gained a lot of traction and is making waves in the hunting world. A bow will shoot better when it is at its maximum weight rather than when it is at the bottom or middle of the weight adjustment range. It’s more efficient this way.

How does a no cam bow work?

In contrast to previous Mathews bows, which used split buss cables to connect each cam or wheel to the opposing limb’s axle, the NO CAM utilizes cables to slave each tiny wheel to the opposite let-off module, which is attached to each large wheel.

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