Why Does Penelope Test With Archery?

With her selection of a challenge that only Odysseus has a chance of winning, Penelope gives credence to the assumption that she is aware of the beggar/Odysseus’ true identity. In response to the beggar/Odysseus’ request for an unauthorized opportunity at the bow, Penelope promptly opposes Antinous’ argument.

  • Penelope puts the suitors through their paces with the test of the bow. She asserts that she will marry the man who is able to accomplish this exam because he will be similar to Odysseus in character. Odysseus’ bow will be able to be strung by the man who completes this task.

Why does Penelope test Odysseus with the bow?

This was done because Penelope has stated that she will marry whoever can thread the bow and then shoot an arrow through 12 axe handles. None of the suitors can even draw a bow, which means that none of them will be able to take a swing at the axe handles. As a result, this is a method of demonstrating that Odysseus is far stronger than any of the suitors.

Why does Penelope choose to test the suitors with the bow and shooting an arrow through the AXE handles?

What is the significance of Penelope transporting Odysseus’ hunting bow to the hall where the suitors are waiting? Because she has stated that she would marry the man who is able to shoot an arrow through twelve ax handle sockets is the reason for this.

What was Penelope’s test for Odysseus?

Even if Penelope doesn’t recognize him when Odysseus returns, she isn’t confident in the fact that Odysseus is who he claims to be. Odysseus is put to the test when she orders her servant Eurycleia to shift their marital bed. Odysseus becomes enraged.

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How did Odysseus get his bow?

Iphitos was the son of Eurytus, Heracles’ archery instructor, who bequeathed him his bow when Heracles perished in battle. As a result of this encounter, Odysseus (Ulysses) gave Iphitos a spear, and Iphitos in turn gave Odysseus his bow.

What does Penelope promise the beggar if he can string the bow?

To what extent does Penelope make a vow to the Suitors? She will marry whomever successfully threads the bow and sends an arrow through all 12 axes in the game.

Does Odysseus cheat on Penelope?

Odysseus was a devoted husband who never cheated on Penelope, and Penelope was an equally devoted wife. Odysseus was the only one who had her heart. I think this is a fantastic question.

What task does Penelope set for the suitors?

What kind of obstacle does Penelope put in the way of her suitors? Those who could strung Odysseus’ bow and fire an arrow through twelve axe handles would be eligible to marry her, according to legend.

How does Penelope test Odysseus quizlet?

What kind of obstacle does Penelope put in the way of the suitors’ attempts to win her hand in marriage? The only person who could strung Odysseus’ bow and fire an arrow through twelve axe handles would be eligible to marry Heracles.

Why does Penelope test Odysseus toward the end of Part 2?

What is the purpose of Penelope’s test of Odysseus at the end of Part 2? She is interested in seeing if he has retained his intelligence from when he was younger. She wants him to demonstrate to the populace that he is, in fact, the king of their land.

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How does Penelope test the stranger?

Penelope puts Odysseus through a series of tests in order to be certain of his identity. While he is listening, she instructs Eurycleia to remove the bedstead from the couple’s chamber and cover it with blankets. The bed had been carved by the king himself when he was a young man, using a living olive tree that grew in the courtyard of the palace as the material.

What does Odysseus bow symbolize?

For the most part, the bow signifies the king’s physical dominance — a vital point in a society where the strong rule the weak. However, the bow also represents the king’s maturity and, presumably, his overall character as well.

Why can’t the suitors string the bow?

Telemachus attempts it first, in order to create a precedent, but he is unable to even thread the bow. The suitor Leodes attempts to bend the bow, but is unable because it is too rigid. Other potential suitors are unable to string the knot as well.

What was so special about Odysseus bow?

It may not seem like archery has anything to do with buildings, but Odysseus’ bow illustrates how flexible rods may be curled and released in order to create significant form changes.

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