Who Trains Archery In Oblivion? (TOP 5 Tips)

Advanced trainers Pinarus Inventius in Anvil and Reman Broder in Skingrad are the only ones who can provide you with the master training reference that you’ll need to get started on this quest. As soon as you speak with Alawen in Troll Candle Camp, you will learn that she demands you to have an elf bow in order to train with her.

  • Pinarus Inventius in Anvil and Reman Broder in Skingrad are the two advanced trainers that can provide you with the master training reference you’ll need to begin this quest. When you speak with Alawen in Troll Candle Camp, you will discover that she requires you to have an elf bow in order to train you.

What is the fastest way to level up archery in Oblivion?


  1. The art of employing bows and arrows is known as marksmanship. Improved marksmanship improves the amount of damage you can do, as shown by the damage given for the bows and arrows in your inventory. The only way to improve your skill level is to strike a living target and have it go off successfully.

Where can I find a marksman trainer in Oblivion?

Marksman. Despite the fact that she resides at Regna’s house in the southern part of Bruma, she will be offering instruction out of the Nord Winds shop, where she spends her days. At approximately 10 a.m., catch her as she is about to leave her house. In Skingrad, near the Great Chapel of Julianos, he lives in a home next to the church.

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Who sells bows oblivion?

Located in Bravil, The Archer’s Paradox is a firearms store that specialized in archery equipment. Daenlin is the proprietor, and he not only buys and sells bows and arrows, but he also deals in other weapons, armor, and other odd merchandise. He also offers the one-of-a-kind artifact known as the Bow of Infliction.

What are the best arrows in Oblivion?

In The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Daedric Arrows are a kind of weapon. They are the most powerful non-enchanted arrows available in the game.

Who trains light armor oblivion?

Trainers. Dul gro-Shug, who lives in the northeast quarter of the Imperial City’s Elven Gardens District, and Olfand, who works out of Nord Winds in Bruma are the low level Light Armor trainers. Dul gro-Shug is a trainer who specializes in Light Armor.

Where is the expert blade trainer in Oblivion?

Faregyl Inn is located in the West Weald, off the Green Road and to the northwest of the Inn of Ill Omen. It is accessible by foot or by horseback. You should chat with Alix Lencolia after you have arrived there. He will inform you that in order to be considered for his instruction, you must become well-known among the citizens of Cyrodiil by earning a renown OR infamy rating of 20 or greater.

How do I become less attractive in Oblivion?

All you have to do now is decrease your Personality to 20 or below on the scale. Providing your Personality is at least 60 (or 100), you may accomplish this by consuming inexpensive wine (one of its effects is to deplete Personality 10 points for 2 minutes), which is readily accessible in any village or city.

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How do I raise speechcraft in Oblivion?

Practice the Persuasion minigame on as many people as possible to improve your speechcraft skills. Apply speechcraft to improve the disposition of all NPCs; only after that, use Charm spells to further improve their disposition. When you have a high level of fame, it might be tough to discover people who have a negative attitude about you.

Where can I get an Elven bow in Oblivion?

At level 9, elven bows may be found on Bandit bowmen, Marauder archers, and Skeletons, among other creatures. They may also be found at random in the Legion Commanders Chest at the Imperial Legion Offices between levels 9 and 11, which is located in the Imperial Legion Offices. Goblin Warlords may be armed with elven bows as well (25 percent chance). Elven bows may be available for purchase from vendors at the 13th level.

How does Archer’s Paradox work?

During full draw, the archer’s paradox occurs when an arrow appears to be flying straight ahead in the direction of the target when it appears that the arrow will have to pass through the position it was in before to being pulled, which was directed to the side of it.

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