Who To Learn Archery From In Skyrim? (Best solution)

Giving gold to the individuals listed below will help them to improve their skill:

  • Riverwood (Lvl 15–50).
  • Aela of the Companions (Expert): Jorrvaskr (Lvl 15–75).
  • Niruin of the Thieves Guild (Master): Riften (Lvl 15–90).
  • Angi (Master): Angi’s Camp (Lvl 15–100).


  • A remote area near the city of Falkreath, Angi’s camp is a destination that many adventurers pass over while exploring this part of Skyrim’s northern region. The archery lessons are conducted by Angi, who also provides you with practice arrows that you may use on the targets that she has put up. The Archery skill will increase by one level for every challenge you accomplish.

Which Skyrim race is best for archery?

The Bosmer are the best race in Skyrim when it comes to archery. They have a significant advantage right away, as they have the highest starting Archery bonus in the entire game (Sneak, Light Armor and Lockpicking among others helps too).

How do you become an archer in Skyrim?

15 Tips for Creating an Archery Build in Skyrim

  1. 7 Improve your Alchemy skills and learn to make poisons.
  2. 8 Always carry a melee weapon in case something happens.
  3. 9 Join the Dark Brotherhood.
  4. 10 Avoid Dungeons With A Large Number Of Enemies Early In The Playthrough. Upgrade your Enchanting skills to the next level.
  5. 12 Obtain the Dwarven Black Bow of Fate.
  6. 13 Recruit Aela as a follower.

Are Redguards good archers?

When it comes to combat, redguards are natural fighters, whether they use a sword or a bow. When it comes to battlefield maneuverability, they have the potential to be quite effective archers. Redguards are able to eliminate their opponents one by one by being everywhere at the same time. In the event that they are surrounded, their expertise with one-handed weaponry provides for an excellent backup plan.

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Who is the best archer follower in Skyrim?

Aela. Aela the Huntress is an archer who can be found in Jorrvaskr, the home of the Companions, where she practices her craft. Following the completion of the faction’s questline, you may simply ask her to accompany you whenever you choose. She is similar to the rest of the Companions in this regard. Aela is a fantastic archer that works well with a variety of different player types, some of which are listed here.

How do I level up my stealth Archer in Skyrim?

Simply using Sneak up will raise your level. Sneak anywhere and everywhere you go until Sneak reaches a total score of 100 points. Light Armor is a tough tree to master with the sneak archer build since the only method to get points in Light Armor is to be struck. This makes it difficult to master with the sneak archer construct. Shooting sneak archers does not result in many casualties.

Are bows good in Skyrim?

Bows are one of the most powerful weapon types in Skyrim, and they are especially effective when used in conjunction with a stealth build. Some bows have effects that are effective against all types of enemies, while others have effects that are very specific to certain types of enemies, such as dealing extra damage to animal enemies.

What is archery called in Skyrim?

Archery (also referred to as Marksmanship) is the skill that governs the use of bows and crossbows in combat. In addition, each skill point increases the damage dealt by bows and crossbows by a factor of +0.5 percent.

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Do crossbows level up archery in Skyrim?

Crossbows shoot bullets at a faster rate than most bows, making them more effective at hitting moving targets than most bows. Crossbows can assist the Dragonborn in raising their Archery level much more quickly than most other types of bows.

Does shooting targets in Skyrim increase archery?

You can forget about all of those circle archery targets that you see all over Skyrim — they may look nice with their painted bulleyes, but shooting at them will have no effect on your Skyrim archery skill. Killing your prey with an arrow earns you more experience points for your team.

How can I upgrade my archery fast?

It is the quickest way to level up your alchemy to create potions, then sell those potions to an Alchemist and use the gold you receive to buy up his ingredients and train your alchemy; if the merchant runs out of ingredients, simply fast travel to the next city and repeat the process.

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