Which Suitor Does Odysseus Shoot First After The Archery Contest? (Solution found)

Antinous, who is renowned among the suitors for his impudence, is the first to be rejected. Eurymachus, who had earlier insulted Telemachus, is struck by Telemachus’ spear and falls to the ground.
What is it about Odysseus’ attempt to string the bow that the suitors find objectionable?

  • When Odysseus, dressed as an old beggar, declares that he would attempt to string the bow, all of the suitors express their displeasure. They are truly terrified that he will succeed and make a poor impression on the public.

Who does Odysseus kill with his bow and arrow first?

Leodes claims that he was merely acting as a priest for the suitors, but Odysseus is well aware that he was the one who attempted to string the bow and win Penelope. After decapitating him with a single stroke, the head bounces lightly in the dust as it falls.

What is the first suitor that is killed doing when Odysseus shoots him with an arrow?

Antinous is the first suitor to be murdered by an arrow since he is the one who stated that he would marry Penelope and was interfering with Odysseus’s plans for the princess. When Odysseus murders Antinous, what exactly is he doing? When Antinous is sipping from his cup of wine, Odysseus discharges an arrow into his exposed neck, killing him with the arrow.

Who is the first person to try to string the bow Does he succeed?

The suitors must shoot an arrow into each of the 12 axe-made holes in order to be considered. Telemakhos is the first to attempt to string the bow, and he comes dangerously close to succeeding.

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Who shot Odysseus first?

Book 21 of The Odyssey is summarized below. Anyone who attempted to strung the bow failed miserably. In the following days, Odysseus disclosed his identity to Eumaeus and Philoetius and enlisted them to assist him in killing the suitors. Odysseus then drew his bow and fired his first arrow through the twelve axes, destroying them.

Who helps Odysseus kill suitors?

Athena assists Odysseus by encouraging and inspiring him. Athena also arranged it so that while the suitors were hurling their spears and firing their guns, they could not strike Odysseus and his men, but when they aimed their weapons toward the suitors, Athena made it so that they always struck them.

How do the other suitors react when Odysseus kills the first suitor?

What are the reactions of the other suitors after Odysseus kills the first suitor? Odysseus is enraged, and he threatens to murder him. They continue to believe that the death was an accident and are unaware of Odysseus’ true identity or intentions. Odysseus is the only one who would have known this, and as a result, he passes Penelope’s exam.

What happens when Odysseus handles the bow?

The revelation scenario is given a double meaning by the bow, because the beggar’s achievement not only suggests his actual identity as Odysseus, but it also exposes his innate superiority over the suitors, which is shown by the bow. Because the bow provides Odysseus with a weapon in hand, he is able to seamlessly segue into the conflict that takes place in Book 22.

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Where does Odysseus go after killing the suitors?

Odysseus returns to earth and visits Laertes’ farm, where he establishes his identity to his bereaved father, who is overcome with emotion. As a result of a rumor spreading around Ithaca, the people of Ithaca are made aware of the killing taking on at the palace. They raise a small army and march to Laertes’s property in order to revenge the murders of the suitors.

Who was the first man to string Odysseus bow?

Leiodes the soothsayer, or fate teller, who despises the suitors, is the first to attempt marriage and fails miserably. Antinous then prepares a fire and melts some fat in order to heat and oil the bow and arrow. Despite this, the suitors all fail to strung Odysseus’ bow one by one. Eurymachus and Antinous are the only two suitors who have survived Antinous’ death.

Who is the first suitor to try his hand in stringing Odysseus bow what happens to his attempt?

Telemachus then goes to the palace, where he keeps a watch on the suitors and waits for his father, who is dressed as a beggar, to arrive. Among the suitors who accept Penelope’s challenge to strung Odysseus’ bow and shoot an arrow through the handle-holes of twelve axe heads is Telemachus, who is among the first to undertake the job.

Who are the suitors in the Odyssey?

During Odysseus’s prolonged absence, 108 unmarried young men began to assume that Odysseus had died in the battle or possibly on his return voyage. During the course of the epic poem, these young men, referred to as the suitors, took up residence in Odysseus’ home and competed for Penelope’s hand in marriage.

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Who does Odysseus shoot with an arrow?

Odysseus fires a second arrow through the throat of Antinous before the other suitors grasp what is going on. The suitors are perplexed and assume that the gunshot was the result of a mistake. Odysseus eventually shows himself to the suitors, who are afraid by his appearance.

What happens as Odysseus attempts to string the bow and shoot the arrow?

Odysseus quickly strings the weapon and launches an arrow right through the axes, after which he and Telemachus form a phalanx to confront the suitors. With her selection of a challenge that only Odysseus has a chance of winning, Penelope gives credence to the assumption that she is aware of the beggar/Odysseus’ true identity.

Why does Penelope take Odysseus hunting bow to the hall where the suitors are?

What is the significance of Penelope transporting Odysseus’ hunting bow to the hall where the suitors are waiting? Because she has stated that she would marry the man who is able to shoot an arrow through twelve ax handle sockets is the reason for this. Antinous, the leader of the suitors and the one who threw a stool at him, was the most threatening.

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