When Do Montana Archery Elk Tags Go On Sale?


  • Each and every person who applied for a tag for the Montana elk or elk/deer combo will be drawn for a tag this year. There are 1200 remaining tags that will be available for purchase on April 18th, first come, first served, using the Montana FWP’s online licensing system. Congratulations to everyone who applied for a tag.

When can I apply for Montana elk tag 2021?

Elk Network in the year 2021 Montana The deadline for obtaining an elk or deer permit is April 1. According to the Montana Department of Fish and Wildlife, the deadline for nonresident deer and elk licenses, as well as for all other types of deer and elk permits, will be April 1, 2021. The purchasing deadline for spring black bear is April 14th, with no requirement to wait for a 24-hour waiting period.

When can you apply for elk tag 2022 in Montana?

Important Dates to Remember

  1. April 1 is the deadline for general elk/deer license applications. April 14 is the deadline for spring black bear license applications. May 1 is the deadline for mountain goat license applications. July 1-September 30 is the period for hunting season. Purchase of more Preference Points is an option. (See details below under Big Game Combo or Elk Combo for more information.)

Can you buy over the counter elk tags in Montana?

#Montana Offers Combination Big Game or Elk Tags Non-residents will no longer be allowed to purchase over-the-counter (OTC) tags for big game or elk. You will need to apply for licenses for combination elk, big game combos (deer and elk), and combination deer, which are all different types of combinations.

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Does Montana have landowner elk tags?

Montana operates on a landowner preference and sponsor model, with deer tags requiring 160 acres and elk tags requiring 640 acres of land. The application for a registered resident landowner deer combination license can be made when a landowner grants access to hunting on his or her property to someone who is not a resident hunter.

How many elk are in Montana 2021?

During the years 2020-2021, aerial surveys in western Montana recorded more than 22,000 elk, the greatest number recorded since 2017.

Is elk season extended to January in Montana?

15th of May, 2022 A news statement from the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (Montana FWP) said that the elk season for hunters with empty antlerless Elk B permits for Region 2 in Montana has been extended through Jan. 15, 2022, for those who have unfilled antlerless Elk B licenses.

How much is an elk preference point in Montana?

Purchasing Preference Points are a type of currency. It is possible to acquire preference points for a nonresident big game, elk, or deer combo license for $50 in exchange for a nonrefundable charge.

When can you apply for elk tag 2020 in Montana?

Montana’s application deadline has been extended for the 2020 school year. For the 2019 season, the application deadline for special draw deer/elk and nonresident combo licenses was March 15, however you now have an additional two weeks (17 days) to submit your application for the 2020 season. The revised deadline for submissions is April 1, 2019.

What are the best elk units in Montana?

391 and 392 are two of the top elk units in the state, and they are located near each other. As a result of their popularity, the Forest Service restricted the number of B tags available in 392 to 25 this year and changed the laws in 391 so that no cows can be harvested on Forest Service territory during rifle season.

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Can I hunt on my own land without a license in Montana?

To hunt on private property in Montana, you must first get permission from the landowner, according to state law. Among these are block management lands (BMA) and public access sites controlled by private landowners but available to the public. As a result, you do not have permission to enter until you have met all of the requirements set forth by the property owner.

What is Montana elk B license?

The B License is an antlerless elk license that is valid for a set length of time and in a specific hunting area or group of hunting districts, as determined by the state. One elk may be hunted under the terms of the license.

What is a general elk tag in Montana?

Elk Combination — a general description Includes a General Elk license, as well as the ability to fish for and hunt upland game birds, with the exception of turkey. Conservation on State Lands, Base Hunting, and the AISPP are all available for purchase as separate items. This license is included in the 17,000-quota Big Game Elk/Deer Combination license for the Big Game Elk/Deer Combination license.

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