How To Measure Archery 3 Under Tab? (Solution)

  • 1 – Cut out one side of the finger tab using the pattern provided above (1st and 2nd photos, dimensions = 3.5 inches long × 3.4 inches broad). 2 – Cut out the other side of the finger tab using the template provided above. The size of your hand may have an impact on the final result. Pulling back the bow string with three fingers (the pointer, middle, and ring fingers) is the concept.

How are archery tabs measured?

When determining the proper size of an archery tab, an archer should take into account the breadth of his or her hand/fingers, the level of shooting, and the shooting style used. Finger tabs have a tendency to be large in size, so if you generally use a Large size winter glove, start with a Medium size finger tab to ensure a comfortable fit.

What size should a Yost tab be?

The largest measures are 3″ x 2-3/4.” Small size is 2-74 by 2-74 inches in the smallest size.

What is an archery chest guard for?

In male and female archers, a chest guard and/or chest protector is used to prevent injury or soreness to the breasts and to keep loose-fitting shirts or blouses or billowing clothing from interfering with the bowstring, which is especially important when the archer is dressed in clothing in cold or wet weather.

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