How Much Is Nonresident Illinois Archery Deer?

Licenses/Permits for Non-Residents

Name Fee Available Online
Non-Resident Deer Archery Permit OTC (Antlerless Only) (Hunter has not purchased an ES Archery Permit) $100.50
Non-Resident Deer Combo Archery Permit Application (ES AO) $410.00 Online
Non-Resident Deer Combo Archery Permit OTC (ES AO) $411.00


  • LICENSES IN THE STATE OF ILLINOIS: It costs $325 to get a non-resident combined firearm deer permit (for either sexe and antlerless deer alone). It will cost $410 to purchase a non-resident archery combination deer permit (one either-sex/one antlerless deer permit). In order to get a non-resident combo muzzleloader-only deer permit (either sexe and antlerless only), the following fees must be paid: $325

Can a nonresident get two buck archery tags in Illinois?

The number of Nonresident Combination Archery Deer permits that can be applied for and obtained during a given licensing year is limited to one per applicant.

What does a non-resident need to hunt deer in Illinois?

In order to hunt deer in Illinois, a person must possess the following items: a current hunting license. a state habitat stamp, as well as

When can I buy bow tags in Illinois?

The application period for Archery Permits takes place throughout the month of June. We propose that you submit your application online in early June. To apply, go to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources website at

Can you buy Illinois archery permit online?

Applications are accessible on the DNR’s website, which may be found at Nonresident hunters can apply for a license from June 1 through June 30 using the Illinois Department of Natural Resources’ Direct Online License Sales system at Each licensing year, applicants are limited to one nonresident combined archery deer permit, which they can apply for and get a maximum of one time.

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Do you need a license to own a bow in Illinois?

“We more than doubled our crossbow sales or did better in crossbows last year merely because of the Missouri statute.” Owning a crossbow in Illinois does not necessitate the acquisition of a FOID card or other specific authorization. The only prerequisites are an archery tag and a hunting license, which are both optional.

What is the legal draw weight for bow hunting in Illinois?

Archery Equipment That Is Legal A minimum draw weight of 30 pounds must be reached at some time within a 28-inch draw length to be considered. The arrows must be at least 20 inches in length, and broadheads must be utilized. Electronic arrow tracking devices are prohibited under the law.

Is Illinois a 2 buck state?

In Illinois, you must use caution while using words. You are only permitted to take two “antlered” deer each year. You are allowed to take an infinite number of bucks as long as only two are antlered.

Can non residents hunt in Illinois?

Non-resident hunters are required to hold a non-resident hunting license. It is possible that a state habitat stamp as well as species-specific licenses will be required.

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