Canadian firearms safety course Edmonton

Canadian Firearms Safety Course in Edmonton

Interactive Canadian Firearms Course near Edmonton
Interested in obtaining a Possession and Acquisition License? Prepare for the exam by enrolling in a firearms safety course near Edmonton.

At Trophy Book Archery, we want to educate our customers about the responsibilities of owning and operating firearms. We instruct you on safe gun handling methods and familiarize you with Canadian gun ownership laws.

Obtain Your Non-Restricted or Restricted Firearms License
We offer classes for both restricted and non-restricted firearms. Non-restricted firearms include:

  • Standard hunting and sporting rifles
  • Shotgun and air guns measuring 660mm or longer
  • Centre-fire semi-automatic firearms with barrels measuring 470mm or longer

Restricted firearms include:

  • Firearms with a barrel shorter than 470mm
  • Rifles and shotguns designed to discharge after the overall length is reduced to less than 660mm due to folding, telescoping, or any other alterations
  • Any variant of the M-16 rifle including all AR-15 models
  • Handguns not listed as a prohibited firearm, according to the Criminal Code
  • Centre-fire semi-automatic firearms with a barrel length of less than 470mm
  • Any additional firearms specifically classified as restricted by the Criminal Code

We teach both courses in our Trophy Book Archery classroom and design the classes for those who have never handled guns before. If you’re an experienced shooter, these courses are a great refresher.

Call for More Information on Courses and Facility Rentals
If you’re looking for a firearms safety course near Edmonton, contact Trophy Book Archery today. Our instructors are friendly and accommodating, and our newly renovated classroom provides a great learning environment for all our students.

To enroll in our next safety course, you can reach us by telephone at 780-962-6322 or by stopping by our pro shop.
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